iPhone 4 Retina: Review of display features in detail

By Jamie Pert - Jun 8, 2010

If you were all over the WWDC 2010 keynote yesterday delivered by Steve Jobs, you might be wondering what he was talking about when he mentioned Retina Display.

Directly lifted from the Apple website, more significantly, the iPhone features section Apple say that the Retina Display is “the sharpest, most vibrant, highest-resolutions screen ever.”

It certainly seems that way from what we have seen. But how is it able to make text, web pages, email, movies and pictures look that good? It’s pretty simple, the name of the tech explains it really, but if you want a quick detailed analysis, what it does is, it makes the Retina display’s pixel density so high, that your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels. Impressive. You can take a closer look at Retina display via a video here.

But how does it make the pixel density so high you may ask? Well by developing pixels that are a tiny 78 micrometers wide, the engineers at Apple were able to fit four times the number of pixels into the same 3.5 inch screen found in early iPhone devices, and with the iPhone 4 at 326 pixels per inch, will make anything you look at on the new iPhone, all that much better.

Apple also added a feature called IPS (in-plane switching), which is also used in the iPad and the Apple LED Cinema Display. What this does is achieves a wider viewing angel than normal LCD screens, and along with this, the contrast ratio is four times that of older iPhone models. Making your whites whiter, your darks darker, and everything else that much more beautiful.

To conclude our look at the Retina display, it is not just the pixel count that make the display look so refreshing, it is the display glass. Made from the same stuff as found in helicopters and high-speed trains, the display glass has been made harder, much more scratch resistant, and is finished off with an oil coating that keeps your screen cleaner, for longer.

Are you impressed with Retina display? We certainly are! Check out Apple’s video in the source below and tell us exactly what you think of the new Retina display.

Source: Apple

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  • charles

    Just got the iphone4, very disappointed by the retina screen, the white is not white, it is grey blue, the white balance seems not to be right. The screen is kind of mate and i do not think it is that sharp. the overall feeling is that there is not that difference after all between the new iphone4 and a 3gs loaded with OS 4.0 , this is a no-revolution for me, i feel like they have sold me again the same phone packed in a little different design.

    • Max

      sounds like they might have. the Retina display is impossibly good. I still don't believe it.

      ps your old icons on the home scree wont look any better until the developers update them with hi res icons just in case that was what you were basing your judgement on