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iPhone 4 Price: AT&T Upgrades won’t be cheap

The next few weeks are going to be very interesting for AT&T customers we feel. For those of you who are near an upgrade on your existing contract – is the iPhone 4 an easy decision or are you worried about the total costs per month?

The iPhone 4 will be available on AT&T from June 24th, with Apple allowing for customers to make early upgrades, so users can pick up the new handset if they want to.

As we mentioned in a previous article here, the iPhone 4 will be available from $199 for the 16GB, while the 32GB version will cost $299 – both of which are subject to a two year deal with AT&T.

Then of course, customers will have to select which plan they want – which has been well documented. You get the choice of either $15 for 200MB, or $25 or 2GB per month, no more unlimited data option.

We don’t expect 3G Facetime video calling will be cheap either, so having the new iPhone 4 in your pocket will surely come at a cost for users. Let us know your thoughts on this. Is the iPhone 4 too expensive for you, or do you just want it regardless of costs?


  • james

    at&t is pushing it… i hope verizon develops a better droid phone cause i dont want to go to no gawd dam gay bull shit at&t

  • Casey

    I will get it but if im forced onto the new data plans i will switch carriers as soon as anybody else gets the phone…

  • Yellie

    On top of this, if you are an EXISTING AT&T Customer, you pay 399 and 499 for your phone. that's ridiculous.

  • Ricky Bobby

    I don't care!!!! Give me the new iPhone!!!!

  • Josh

    I talked to AT&T about bc I’m going to upgrade my iPhone to the new one in a few weeks, and they said if your already a AT&T customer I will be able to keep the unlimited data plan. However the new customers won’t be elig. For the unlimited data plan.

  • @andrew—that would work, but the Iphone 4 uses a mini sim. Its a smaller sim card and is the only phone that uses it.

  • Charlie

    I DONT CARE!!! im gonna get it!

  • Face to Face is WiFi only so should not impact data usage.

  • andrew

    basically if its gonna cost whatever a month for a limited supply of data..everyones gonna go over! the smarter people are going to stay on the plan with at&t for the unlimited data and then just buy the iphone 4 and switch in your sim with it!:)

    • Steve

      Too bad AT&T can tell when you switch your phone into one that would require said monthly charges and automatically add it to your bill. AT&T is taking over and it sucks

  • eric

    no unlimited data plan i a major fuck up on their sides
    and if verizon does offer unlimited for their iphone
    at&t just sunk themselves in a major hole


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