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iPhone 4 Pay As You Go: Waiting Game

Waiting for the iPhone 4 is almost like waiting for an early Christmas to come along, especially when you think about how much you are going to have to fork out for it. America already knows how much they are going to have to shell out for their new iPhone 4 as part of a contract, however there are no details regarding pay as you go pricing.

AT&T will be offering the 16GB iPhone 4 for $199 and the 32GB model will set you back $299, both of these prices are greatly subsidized thanks to a two-year deal, therefore a pay as you go version will be a lot more expensive.

Prior to the iPhone 4 announcement you could buy pay as you go versions of the iPhone 3GS for $599 (for the 16GB model), or $699 (for the 32GB model), this makes me wonder just how much a PAYG version of the iPhone 4 will set you back.

The hardware within the iPhone 4 is far more advanced than the iPhone 3GS, therefore you would expect a PAYG version to be a lot more expensive, but how much of your hard-earned cash are you willing to spend on it?

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  • Rachelle Morgan

    Iv had iPhones for the last 2 years and am saving for iPhone 4. Steve Jobs I hope your right and they don’t sell the 32gb for over £600 as that is just too much for a phone. Iv got 14 months left on my 3GS contract so have no choice to upgrade :(. Just out of interest are you the Steve Jobs from apple? Am eagerly awaiting prices on the UK payg. Although should find out by Tuesday as it will be on pre order by then.

  • steve jobs

    there is no way that the iphone 4 on payg will cost more than £550 for the 32gb version. because apple dknow they have to reduce their margins and cant charge so much, also the american market is for americans and sometimes can bare no relation to prices over here, not in this case at least. there is a reason the iphone 4 has same capacities as the 3gs ie 16gb and would think it would have at least 32gb, that would let apple justify charging more, no the reason is so they can justify charging the same, ie £440 for the 16gb and £550 for the 32gb version.that way it leaves open the choice to charge £350 for the 3gs and stop the 3g. if apple suddenly choose to commit suicide then they may try selling it for over £600 otherwise this article is trying to be sensational and is not working, no facts at all.

    • rriccazzaaa

      The 32GB pay as you go iPhone 4 is priced at £570, and the 16GB version at £480

  • Robby C

    I would be willing to pay around £400 for the 32GB model however i doubt that this will be an option!


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