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iOS 4 vs. Android 2.2 aka FroYo: Apple and Google

We know now what we are going to get officially from the new iPhone and the iOS 4 with the announcements yesterday. But with the recent release of Android 2.2, aka FroYo the battle between Google and Apple is a fierce one.

Priya Ganapati is running a story on comparing the two operating systems side by side. With Apple’s new software having many sort after new features, like multitasking that will enable users to make a call while checking email and listening to music, some might think the battle is already over.

The new options available with the iOS 4 are good, but the Android system has some extras of its own. Take the Hot-Spot capability the Android system can support up to 8 devices with Wi-Fi but the iOS 4 has no support.

With Flash Apple will only support its App store and HTML 5, but on FroYo a Beta version of Flash Player 10.1 is available. The story continues with comparisons of the two systems which you can see in this article.


  • Deez

    LOL @ james.. you nub.

  • Henry 3 Dogg

    Flash is not a feature, its a critical bug. Adobe deserve a Darwin award for releasing the current software.

    Acting as a Wifi hub is the wrong solution for mobile. It results in serious problems when too many people have the phones in close proximity. Bluetooth, with its shorter range is a MUCH more appropriate solution to tether and Apple has been doing this for the last year. Shame about AT&T is the US.

    • James

      Yeah that Adobe sucks. Oh wait, what was I saying….I was busy watching hulu on my droid and thanks to open source…..I am able to replicate any decent features of iphone. Bluetooth tethering is an easy one. But I will not have to worry about that because 2.2 will support this. I used to love the iphone. I will agree that this phone is great for older generations when speaking on ease of use. But this generation is smart and they need a smartphone to move forward.

      • Jake

        hulu does not work on flash lite which is what android currently supports check your facts before you lie through your teeth.

  • Emmanuel

    They both sound so good, there is nothing more irritating than having to stop browsing because of an incoming call, but again flash player, and wifi wow.. this is so hard who ever combines these feature first will come out tops… but still which one to buy?? and whats happening with RIM are they officially out of the race?

  • atul

    hands down its the Frozen Yoghurt for me.. i am superimposing my Iphone 3GS with Froyo soon..even if it might sound risky

  • Franny

    Priya Ganapati plagiarised her work from another website which had it's facts all wrong. It's just foolish to be linking to a story where the facts are so skewed.


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