iOS 4 vs. Android 2.2 aka FroYo: Apple and Google

By Gary Johnson - Jun 8, 2010

We know now what we are going to get officially from the new iPhone and the iOS 4 with the announcements yesterday. But with the recent release of Android 2.2, aka FroYo the battle between Google and Apple is a fierce one.

Priya Ganapati is running a story on comparing the two operating systems side by side. With Apple’s new software having many sort after new features, like multitasking that will enable users to make a call while checking email and listening to music, some might think the battle is already over.

The new options available with the iOS 4 are good, but the Android system has some extras of its own. Take the Hot-Spot capability the Android system can support up to 8 devices with Wi-Fi but the iOS 4 has no support.

With Flash Apple will only support its App store and HTML 5, but on FroYo a Beta version of Flash Player 10.1 is available. The story continues with comparisons of the two systems which you can see in this article.

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