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Google Goggles: Visual Search Application Coming to iPhone

We have recently heard that a popular application available at the Android Marketplace will soon be available at the App Store for iPhone, this application is Google Goggles.

Google Goggles is an image recognition application, which allows you to take a photo of a physical object and find out what it is, you can see an introductory video explaining Google Goggles at the end of this post.

The possibilities of Google Goggles are pretty endless, experts believe that we may one day be able to take a photo of foreign text and instantly convert it into the desired language, which would be pretty neat. Google seem proud of Google Goggles, so much so that it is bundled as part of Android 2.1 Eclair (and newer) operating system,

Currently all we can say is that Google Goggles is coming soon to the App Store, however when we do find out more we will keep you posted. The most similar application currently available from the App Store is called oMoby, however this is said to be less accurate than Google’s solution, also searches take a minute-or-so.

Have you used Google Goggles? If so, is it as impressive as it sounds?

Source: IntoMobile



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