DirecTV Glitch: Official Response

In an earlier report, Alan Ng learned that DirecTV users were having problems with the remote control for their set-top box. Users have had to put up with being stuck on one channel with no idea what was going on. We now have an update for you on this glitch.

Darren Murph from Engadget picked up on the fact that DirecTV customers had to go thorough a reboot, those who have been affected by this problem have received emails form the company explaining the situation. This is no consolation to those who had to hit the reset button and lose all of those recorded programs.

The email started off by saying sorry for the issue and said that it was brought on by them trying to improve the service. They explained the obvious of resetting the box, which as we know can take up to 15 minutes to do.

The one thing that we do know, you will still have to pay your full bill this month, so they cannot be that sorry. Did your box lock up? Did you have to reset and lose your programs?



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