Direct TV Problems: Customer service in extra demand

By Alan Ng - Jun 8, 2010

It has been reported that owners of Direct TV have been experiencing problems today, a problem which is strangely related to the remote control for the set-top box.

As reported from Eurekatips, television sets have been stuck on a single channel for many users, which is obviously a huge issue for owners just wanting to relax and watch TV normally.

Although users have had difficulty contacting Direct TV via phone, the good news is that the company has responded on their Twitter account. They state that they are experiencing higher than usual call volume – so you can bet that they are working on a solution to the problem right now.

Stay tuned to their Twitter page for the latest updates, while you can now find some contact phone numbers through the link. We’ll update you when the problem has been fixed.

Is your Direct TV working yet?

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  • Phoenix

    I posted this previously in a site for activists against Direct TV. All the people there were screwed by DTV as well and you can review the banter and make an informed decision which I am sure will lead to you deciding against DTV as your carrier. I have also asked them to post on every Facebook site that advertises DTV and that we all go in search of Google and other sites to post our grievances on so that the public can view them and know not to get involved in Direct TV’s scams. They are dishonest and very legally binding in their thievery. Look for our posts on all DTV sites before you sign up and save yourselves! Check out Direct TV Sucks!! in your FB search engine and see more posts. And do not sign up! Following is what they did to me that made me promise them I would be their worst nightmare! Please review it!

    My bill with direct tv changed every month also. I dropped services constantly and they edited my basic charges to make sure I was not paying under what they wanted me to pay. They said this was in their contract; and there was a small loophole in it that does allow them to change “basic rates” while in contract. So I was locked in for 3 years and they changed my basic rates about 4 times in 1.5 years of that time.

    I just left them and it took over a week to get the stuff to send it all back via the mail. Then they hit my act for $166 final charges in early disconnect fees 15 days after the day I said I wanted to cancel. They said this is in the “contract”…the “contract” for this being that they put on the last bill that they will bill you 15 days after disconnect “for your convenience”. THAT IS NOT A CONTRACT…But since I had given them banking payments it opened the gates for them to steal legally from me. I have reversed the charges via my bank. From all of the other posts I have seen, they will try to re-bill me again. I have allotted for that money to be a tug of war match until I get the actual money from Charter whom are buying out my disconnect charges for switching over. This may also be a good option for any of you in the Nv area who have, like me, signed up for a contract with these thugs. If YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED UP WITH DIRECT TV DON”T! TELL ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS ABOUT THE CROOKEDNESS OF THIS COMPANY! REPORT THEM TO BBB IF YOU HAVE HAD ISSUES. REVERSE CJARGES THAT MAY BE STOLEN FROM YOUR ACCOUNTS AND PLAN AROUND THEM SO YOU CAN KEEP DOING IT. FIGHT BACK!

    FOR YOU, DIRECT TV PERSONNEL: Give me what I want and I will go away. You have stolen from me and lied to me. I want my cancellation fees back for the inconvenience and I want a letter from the CEO saying that you were wrong and apologize that you geared your services and contracts so…and will be fixing the issue for your future business. $166 may not be much to you but it is enough for me to write on all your sites everyday until you do or you go out of business. I am also telling every single person that remotely mentions cable services in my grocery checkout line in a major city that you people are crooks and not to go with your services. Nothing would please me more at the moment than to hear that you have gone out of business for good. Give me what I want and I will go away.

  • Ron

    Alot of money each month (over $115.00) just to have a message of “experiencing technical difficulties!” They have plenty of resources to keep us informed as to what is wrong and when they expect to have it fixed. Maybe then thier phone will quit ringing!

  • Crashrogue

    no wtaj so i have to go to my moms house to watch criminal minds and csi funny how these problems happen with new shows, guess someone needs more money and we have to pay. so one more step back to local cable company. where i can watch my show

  • patricia knott

    The bottom third of ur TVscreen is oered by a black box – how do we remove it and what is the telephone number of Direct TV support technicians>

  • patricia knott

    The lower third of our TVscreen is covered by a large black box – how do we remove this and what is the telephone no for Direct TV support technicians.

  • momanator

    My clicker is stuck on one channel, new batteries volume works but can’t change channels or turn receiver on/off. Other receiver works fine.

  • susie

    Got new receiver still losing signal but other receiver works just fine getting fed up!!

  • beth flaherty

    my remote will not work anymore, who do I contact to get it replaced?

  • tom flaherty

    my remote will not work, how do I get another one?

  • tom flaherty

    my remote will not work, how do I get a replacement?

  • Jim Forest

    Came home to no picture but sound. The picture just came back on around 7:15 p.m. This is the first issue we have had.

  • Percy Passwater

    We are experiencing the same problem as many of you. The remote, and/or box locking up and remaining on one channel. The installer said to switch out either the box or remote or both. Good luck. If it were only 1/100th as easy to contact someone in customer service as it was to sign up for Direct TV, it would be a perfect world. We should have never switched from cable to satellite. Nothing to do now but wait for our contract to expire.

  • chuckmagee71

    I am so sick of direct tv right now, this is the 5th call I have had to make in 3 months and every time it takes forever to get a human and this will be the 3rd service call in 3 months and as usual it will be a week to fix the problem, unbeleivable, Chuck Magee McCOmb MS
    just call me sick, sick,sick,sick,sick of direct tv

    • Jim Beam

      If you don't want to wait on hold for a long period of time select the cancel service option. They want to keep you business and give this option a priority over other calls

  • Anthony Brancato

    I was promissed 10,000 airline miles when I subscribed to Direct TV. Well after 6 phone calls with long waits, and promises each time that I would receive my miles, I was told today, 7 months after my subscrition began, that I would not be receiving my miles. What a shame for DirectTV. I plan on letting every person I know, not to subscribe to Direct TV.
    It's a scam and rip off. Oh I forgot to mention that, after they're in your house, finished setting up your boxes, that you have to sign a 2 year contract. They conveniently forget to tell you this when you sign up. Again, another scam. I should have stayed with Comcast.

  • Shannon Beltrami

    I have been contacting Direct TV every day this week regarding my hd dvr. Both of my remotes work on my downstairs dvr but neither work on my upstairs dvr. The numerous techs I spoke with kept telling me it was my remote not the dvr. Until last night I finally spoke with a tech that told me the truth. The truth being that Direct TV is having software issues with their dvr and that is why it is not working properly. Than she had the nerve to ask me if she had answered all of my questions, Melissa in Mississipi, with her rude attitud and her attempt to leave me on eternal hold waiting for a supervisor until my phone battery died. Now after waisting my time this week, leaving us without service on one of our tvs the best that they can do is get a tech out on Wednesday between 8 and 12 and they will take $5 of my bill. I hear DISH Network in my future.

    Has anyone else had the same issue?

  • Lucille

    Have been on the phone with Direct TV again as the problem which started after June 8th has not been resolved. In addition, we are now experiencing the picture and sound breaking up (lasting for 1 1/2 hours so far) and after calling Direct TV their solution is a service call at our expense for a problem they caused. How does this company stay in business? Is it by not taking responsibility for the problems they caused?

  • Lucille

    Ever since the software problem earlier this month (which we did get fixed) our TV constantly freezes and/or searches for the satelite and sometimes shows another station in the middle of the show we are watching. These incidents last anywhere from a few seconds to minutes and are becoming more frequent.

  • Done With Direct TV

    For two days I have been trying to get Direct TV Online!!! They are offering a Rebate and when you get to that section and hit submit it doesn't take it!!!! I have been told to call approximately 3/4 different telephone #'s , taking with about 10 different customer service
    people. I have spent hours, upon hours on this going online over and over again….
    I have been informed they are having a problem with this Rebate site….. Unbelievable and So Frustrating!!!! This company better watch out or it will have a law suit on its hands.
    I do think their would be many to sign up. I feel bad for the employees of this company, I would never work for a outfit that is so pitifully bad. So as you can read, and after reading the above comments, I no longer want to deal with this company, if you can even call it a company…. STAY AWAY FROM DIRECT TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JeLuckett

    Mine is still not working either. I've done all the fixes they have suggested. Per Tech Support, the problem is nation wide and they are working on a solution. Both my tv's have been out all day!

  • Kelley

    I was able to get a hold of them this morning & like Nate said above unplug it for about 30 seconds then plug it in. Then unplug it again for 30 more seconds and plug it back in. It should clear up the problem in about 5 mins or so. It only affected the receivers that have a DVR because they sent them upgrades this morning. This should clear up all your problems.

  • Anonymous

    Part 2:
    To resolve the issue reboot each box twice by pressing with a pen the red button inside of the door on the front right side of the unit. You may need to depress (push in) the red button for five or more seconds. A second reboot is necessary so if the unit appears to be working after one reboot, don't be fooled–it isn't completely clean–do a second reboot. This worked this morning on my two HD DVRs. Units now are fine–nothing was erased from the hard disk or To Do list. Have a PhD in engineering, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Part 1:
    Problem either a corrupting command issued by one or more DTV satellites or an unintended consequence of the recent software download. (And yes, I checked, after getting my HD DVRs working there was no software download that occurred last night that was logged into the History menu.) However, the problem occurred sometime late last night or in the very early morning as I was recording a show at 3:00 AM PT for 30 minutes and the recording continued all the way to when I rebooted the receiver (about 6:50 AM PT), as it wouldn't shut off correctly. Of course, DTV never wants to admit that they screwed up and crashed a receiver. Not worth your time complaining–get used to it–it's DTV's business model.

  • bill

    If any of you had any common sence you would hit the reset button. I did it one time and it did not work. On the second try it fixed the problem

  • Michael

    guys i woke up this morning to find i could not turn on my dvr. I unplugged it once and then restarted it but it was stuck on one channel and said in the loop on top of the page., so unplugged it a second time and this time it worked properly. so my suggestion to you all is to try this because alot of the times you must reset for this to work itself out. just my opinion…………………Mike

  • Diane

    My Directv is still not working- I got through on phone they were very nice and I will wait to see when it will work again.


    it is very upsetting!!! the remote control on direct tv is not working!!!! and direct tv customer service is not responding!!!! what a shame!!! VERY POOR and BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Harry

    I was on having problems at 0500 PT. I was never able to get a Tech on line after being on hold for more than one HR. DTV used to have good service but
    I finally got my issue resolved at 1205PT. It only effected the DVR. Regular HD was fine.

  • Robert E. Penney

    two out of four tvs are not workingand we have tried for hours to get someone in repairs .
    no response from them.

  • Bill

    I have two DVR's that are not working and one upstairs that is fine. I can't turn the DVR's on by remote or manually.

  • soontobeXuser

    Getting rid of Directv as soon as my time is up! This is ridiculious!



  • gordy dawson

    TV stuck on 1 channel, could not reach them by phone, line hung up on me when switched over to customer service. I have had 4 receiver boxes go out over the past couple of years. I started to receive a recorded message when I called them, the fix that was given did not resolve the problem. I am switching to a new provider.

  • Nate

    Fixed by unplugging for 15 sec, plugging it back in and as the lights come on unplugging it again for 15 sec.