Chrysler’s new recall and changes to quality

Yesterday we announced that Chrysler had to issue a recall on three of its models, the 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan and Town and Country, as well as the Wrangler Jeep. These vehicles were built while the automaker was facing bankruptcy; thankfully changes to quality have been put in place since then.

An article written by Chris Thompson from the Windsor Star has learned from CAW Local 444 president Rick Laporte that since these vehicles were produced they have implemented a number of changes in its manufacturing program. This is all good but is no comfort to those affected by this current recall.

Chrysler recently said that only a small percentage of vehicles will have these faults, this includes a brake issue and a possible fire hazard due to poorly located wiring. Thankfully there are no reports of accidents or injuries, but a voluntary recall is still in place.

If you are worried and feel that you could be affected by this latest recall, then please contact your local Chrysler dealer.



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