BP buys Google, Yahoo, and Bing search words for control

We all know how much of an environmental disaster the oil spill is in the Gulf of Mexico; in a strange move BP has purchased all of the search phrases from the three big search engines – Bing, Google and Yahoo.

This is a very shrewd move, one that could help the company get back some of the money that it is losing each day.

If you or I did a search on oil spill to get the latest information, then the chances are the official website of BP will come up. This is nothing new as a number of other companies either do this or have done it in the past. We wonder if BP will see any return on its investment?

Michael Graham Richard from TreeHugger learned from ABC News that BP have done this in the hope that those searching via these top search engines will be able to get all the latest information on the efforts that BP is making to try and stop the flow of oil from the seabed.

We have to wonder if BP really has our best interest at heart?


  • Dee

    No, they don't have our best interest at NOTHING! They're just trying to control what we see. Because we are now focusing on THEIR concocted disaster, they can now try to cool the flamming fire by strategically steering the programming of our minds. They will now intercept our searches to make us believe there is nothing to be concerned about. They will show us fake scenery (in the background) of clean birds, healthy vegetation of some other locals that they'll pass off as areas that they've cleaned up. It's all fake, it's too late! They think we're dumb and they don't realize that we know about the magic of movie making which they will be doing from now on. WARNING: Beware the visuals they try to pass off on us as weak 'clean-up' efforts. They're attempting to direct our discontent energy elsewhere. But we know better. We're Americans. We know how fake journalism, media, and fictitious pictures work!


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