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BioWare Could use Project Natal and Move in Mass Effect 2 Successors

Later this year we will see the launch of the PlayStation Move and Project Natal, therefore it is surprising to hear that game developers are looking into the potential of these motion-centric devices for future video games.

Recently BioWare’s Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka spoke about motion controls, apparently they are looking at how such devices could perhaps enhance future role-playing games.

Zeschuk thought that future Mass Effect games could perhaps pick up on gestures from gamers, he also joked (I think) saying “you could actually pull your finger and pretend you’re shooting the guy for the renegade action.”

Zeschuk was a little bit critical of the Wii, he believes that Nintendo haven’t yet got past the “party game”, however as Move and Natal are more sophisticated than the Wii’s motion controllers these boundaries can finally be pushed.

If you check out the source link below you can find out more about Zeschuk and Muzyka’s motion controller thoughts. Do you think they raised some interesting points?

Source: JoyStiq


  • Davo058

    That is a terrible idea, Natal for Mass Effect……i really hope they were joking and merely using that as an example of Natals uses to bioware. Finish the series without it, then consider future Natal implications. Heres hoping Natal will continue the Microsoft tradition of breaking down just after warranty expiration, then it can just be pushed aside and instead of thinking ahead in technology we can actually perfect what we already have, so that almost half the population of the product doesn't give you 3 red lights when it dies.


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