AT&T New iPhone 4 vs. Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G

By Peter Chubb - Jun 8, 2010

In one corner we have the HTC EVO 4G, in the other we have the iPhone 4. We know that when Apple releases its latest contender in a couple of weeks there will be a huge battle to see how the two compare. But we can get a pre-fight look at the two.

Firstly we shall look at the screen on both handsets, the iPhone 4 measures 960 x 640, 3.5-inch, while the EVO comes in at 800 x 480, 4.3-inch – so if you are looking for a larger screen then HTC has one this round.

Next is the thickness of both smartphones, the iPhone 4 is just 0.37-inch and the EVO 4G is 0.47-inch. This confirms what Steve Jobs said during his WWDC 2010 keynote, that the iPhone 4 is the thinnest smartphone ever.

Looks like the HTC wins the camera round, packing 8-megapixel while the iPhone 4 only offers 5-megapixel. But let us not forget that Apple seems to punch above its weight with the lens technology that it uses.

The HTC EVO 4G and the iPhone 4 comes with video chat thanks to their front-facing cameras – the former uses Qik while Apple uses its new FaceTime software.

The true test of both these handsets will only come to light when users have both in their hands – this will not be until June 24. More details and images can be seen on Paul Miller’s post on Engadget

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  • Anthony

    Really not a great comparison – especially irked by your perpetuation of the megapixel myth. More megapixels doesn't mean a better camera (nor a better image.)

  • Natan

    I use my iPhone for Internet and if AT&T don’t move now I will change to sprint also because I need the hdmi htc evo phone connection because I do bussines precentacions ganoexcel company about healthy coffee enrich with more than 200 nutrients and a Bussines opportunity buying 50 dollar monthly autoship product for ur self for more info go to my web site so well I will get the htc evo because I can chat face to face with 4g network and iphone4 u have to use wiffi also iPhone 4 can’t connect up to 4 different devices to Internet and htcevo can. Well like I said if iPhone 4 or AT&T don’t get 4 g network now I will go to sprint and cancel AT&T

  • raj

    I phone Is GSM & HTC EVO Has NO GSM

  • Joel

    once 4g connectivity has spread to most of the world, the evo will go down in history as the 1st 4g phone.

    Also the evo will then get really popular and 4g will be the standard, and then 5g or something.

  • Stephen

    All the phones perform very well, but lets not forget who the leader and innovator was in this touch screen market. It is much easier to copy and make improvements, but nothing will compare to iTunes and software offered. I'm sure examples aren't needed if you own an iPhone. At a time when Sprint was failing Apple reincarnated them to forwarded thinking or rather copy apples technology that seems to be happening with all other companies. Come on and have a thought of your own.

  • Ben

    One other feature that the iphone doesnt have that the Evo does is Mobile Hotspot capable, which is awsome. Your phone can be used as a hotspot and up to five people can connect.

  • Jahy

    cellphone to pc video calling on wifi, 3g or 4g connection, not wifi to wifi iPhone to iPhone 4 only lol

    and FYI in the asia we have video call on cellphone and 3g connection since 2001 USA outdated on phone

    • Joel

      Look sprint HTC evo is better sorry, wife got the I phone and can not do as much as the EVO

  • valentino

    Sure the Iphone 4 was unveiled, nice GUI, but all in all for a Smartphone the HTC EVO is packed with features, from being able to run on a 4G network with unlimitted data and no cap as ATT cancels their unlimiited data. The HTC EVO can also multi task.. it has a built in like router that can 8 devices can connect to while still being able to answer a call. Now that is true multi tasking unlike the Iphones carrier running on a 3G network. Sprint has 33 markets running 4G…the 4G on Iphone 4G means 4th generation and not 4G network. I phone is all show and NO GO!

  • dave

    i did a little maths at school years ago … isnt 940×640 bigger than 800×480?

    Quote from review ==> “Firstly we shall look at the screen on both handsets, the iPhone 4 measures 960 x 640, 3.5-inch, while the EVO comes in at 800 x 480, 4.3-inch – so if you are looking for a larger screen then HTC has one this round”

    • Louster

      Dude, THat's the resolution..Not the Size of the screen, THe iphone is 3.5 inches And the Evo is 4.3 inches. What a maroon!!!!!
      Go back to school, not for math though..but for common sense..

      • notanidiot

        maroon? did you mean “moron”? who needs school now?


  • isnt it lovely when you see an american using the wrong spelling of ‘one’

  • Mustafa

    What a crappy comparison….

    The iPhone screen might be slightly smaller but it most certainly has higher sharper resolution.

    Same with the camera, just because it has less mega pixels doesn’t mean it will produce worse pictures. Mega pixels is purely the size of the image that comes out.

    Jeeez, and you guys are meant to be journalists and such…

    • CJ_Iceman

      I was told that joke a few years back when someone tried selling me a 5MB camera instead of an 8MB. The 8MB camera won by leaps and bounds. I have had 2 generations of iphones and I'm not knocking Apple here but I recently bought the Sprint HTC Evo 4G and its AMAZING!!! Speed is Amazing, network is FAST FAST 20X faster than AT&T crappy 3G network. I'm glad I made the decision to switch. AT&T is now capping the unlimited data and that sucks! Sprint is UNLIMITED. This is a NO BRAINER. I'll keep my iPhone as an iPod touch device and cancel with AT&T.

      • Craig

        They're only capping data for new customers, if you already had unlimited, it was grandfathered in. But oh well. Also that speed comparison? Idk how fair is to compare the EVO to the 3GS which I'm sure is what you were doing, at best. Given that the 3gs with OS4 is notably faster than it is w/out it. and the I4 is faster than that. Now the EVO may very well be faster than the i4 but you cant' know that with the comparison you made.

        • Keith

          What are you smoking? Sprints 4g network is 20x faster?ATT download speed here in MO is 4Mb and in California I have seen reviews of it being almost 6 Mb.

        • Notafan

          lol, just did a side by side comparison of boost….i mean sprints "4g" evo vs iphone 4 speed test in atlanta….. Evo = 3.26 mb/s down 1.23 up. Iphone 4 5.89mb/s down and 2.34 up. Shortly after the test, my co worker's evo froze up and needed to be reset also. By the way, check any technical site and you will see the iphone 4 has a much better camera then evo, superior battery life…etc etc etc. Sorry you are stuck with sprint, have a nice day.