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Verizon network outage during iPhone 4 unveil

While Steve Jobs was delivering his keynote during WWDC 2010, Verizon Wireless suffered a network outage during the iPhone 4 unveil – this could not have come at a worse time. Maybe it was all those on The Big Red hoping to learn that they too were getting the new 2010 iPhone.

Firstly we would like to inform you Verizon customers that you have a little while to wait yet, as Jobs did not mention anything about the new iPhone 4 being made available to you. We wonder if the preferred U.S. carrier will ever see Apple’s smartphone?

Going back to this outage problem, it is only affecting those in three areas, Pueblo, Grand Junction and Wyoming. 11 News has been in contact with a Verizon spokesman, who said that engineers were working on the problem and hopes to fix things soon.

It is uncertain if the issue is resolved, please let us know if you are experiencing any problems.


  • Renee V

    Is there still an outage today, June 8th? I'm asking because my sbcglobal/yahoo mail is coming through, but my mail is not. Just in case, I'm going to give you a 3rd e-mail address…

    I'm in Grand Rapids (Kentwood), MI.


    Renee V.

  • Theresa

    Verizon service in Telluride is still spotty, ranging from no service to brief service with dropped calls. 🙁 Does anyone have an idea of when service will be running again??

  • Michael

    STILL same old s**t in Evanston, Wyoming as of 9am mountain time on Tuesday 6/8/10. Can't get a call through or if it does, it drops within a minute or two. I have no land line. This is my only means of commuication and it's my business line.

  • steve

    No service in pagosa springs

  • Holly

    And it's the next day, and still no service a
    @ 9 AM in Grand Junction!

  • MaryHelen

    No service in Hotchkiss CO. Phone did work earlier this morning but not now again.

  • Keith

    Service this morning…..then GONE! Bresnan phone down too….. The world is going to HELL….Please hold for a very important message……

  • Taunya

    no SERVICE STILL in Glenwoodsprings

    • Sara

      Sevice is hit and miss here in Cheyenne

  • J9

    Just got nowhere…sick kid urgent care diff state. On top of it all they had balls to hit me with my new biil. Prks. Going to a landline. Done talkin to everyone

  • Eric

    they fixed it i think. i live in casper and my droid stopped working and now it works

  • J9

    star 228

  • J9

    WTF. This started last night for me. Like a partyline if u rembr those

  • john w

    Grand Junction 11 pm and I cant make a call for more than 30 seconds if I can make it at all

  • Chris

    Montrose Colorado still down 8:15pm. Getting pretty old. This is second time in last couple months.

  • paul

    b.s. im in lyman wy and my phone calls are still being dropped or will not connect.isn't this the same problem that has happened twice in the recent past .b.s. talks and and real service walks att still worked today and during both preveious outages.gee i wonder if we sould all change????????????

  • Sjenkins

    8:50 pm Wyoming. Still no calling service available. Text messages are going through.

  • Jeff

    Spotty text ability. No calls right now. On a side note, baby ducks and a mommy have taken up residency in my backyard, and I’m unable to tell anybody.

  • Homer

    Intermittent service (at best) in Grand Junction, Delta, Cedaredge at this time

  • Pam

    7:20 p.m. now and still no service in Grand Junction or Delta, so they obviously missed their 5:00 p.m. repair deadline. No info on the Verizon website all day. I had to search local news online to find out what little info I could.

  • DD2

    I didnt know people had cell phones in WY

  • alus

    this is seriously making me mad this is the 3rd time within a month…verizon seriously get your s*** togehter

  • Hannah BOO

    6:00 p.m. here in Green River Wyoming still no stable service. I have been able to get and send a few text messages depending on where I am. I can make calls but they drop within minutes of the call. I am really starting to get pi$sed of! They need to get this fixed soon! Or there is going to be He|| to pay. And I am also mad because how can they still not know if we are getting the iphone or not! GOSH! Verizon I’m not to sure how many fans you have right now! Get your $hit together and fix the service!

  • joe

    Verizon still out in Durango CO from before noon and now after 5

  • spottedpony

    no service here in Del norte all day! I better get a refund. It's 6:13 pm

  • kim

    I live in Parachute Colorado about 45 min from Grand Junction we still have loss of service, or dropped calls or it says searching for signal.

  • erin.

    No calls incoming or outgoing in grand junction….I lost a day of buisness…

  • Nancy

    No service in Durango either….as of 5:16 and has been out most of the day.

  • jerry greene

    Verizon service in the Telluride-Ridgway area, at least, is barely operating. I saw a news report from Torrington, CT, as well describing problems especially in the rocky Mountainn States. I hope they give us some credit for the (so far) two days with useless service.

  • cjc

    no service in Cheyenne, WY

  • james

    wtf come on verizion

  • Hello,

    We are visiting family in Laramie Wyoming and nome of our 3 phones can make calls or send emails. 5pm Mountain time June 7th

  • eah

    i haven't had service in Cheyenne since about 1.. and still don't. I will get texts about once an hour but you can not reply to them

  • James

    It seems I can get thru if I repeatly try calling a number. It will connect 1 out of 5 or 6 tries. Text messages seem to have worked all day but right now 4:40 mtn time, does not seem to be working. I like Verizon but I'm wondering why nothing is posted on the website nor any coverage on this outage… It has been all day long. In this day and age it seem like Verizon would have reasons why coverage is CRAP in CO today… C'mon!, it's pathetic. Why no reason for us, Verizon ?

  • MTN

    Not service in Rock Springs, wy…I need to make a call to the IRS with questions!! Not Happy!!!

  • ErinK

    It has been mostly out most of the day in Cheyenne. The service rep I talked to at 2:30 p.m. didn't have an estimate on when it would be back.

  • Manda

    No phone or SMS messaging service in Laramie WY as of 4:30 pm MST

  • King

    Out in lower Colorado too, Alamosa

  • shananyo

    No service in Durango for several hours now (it's 4:15 MST).

  • XeNon5g

    Coverage sporadic in Casper Wy

  • Andrew

    3:42 in Casper Wyo and still no service. this is getting old.

  • RCCO

    No service in the Aspen area as of 3:16 pm. It has been out most of the day, there is no info posted on the verizon website.

  • Scott

    no service in Glenwoodspring Colo either

  • lauren

    3:10 and phone calls won't go through here in Laramie, WY, although I did just send a text message…

  • IWANTTHEIphone4

    SO annyoyed that there is not detail about Verizon getting the phone or not. AT&T is the exact reason y i do not have an iphone, I will not use that carier simple based on coverage! Come on Apple!!! Help the Rest of us out!

  • Maddog2020

    It's 2:57p local MT and I'm still having troubles…!!

  • Dustin

    No service here in Evanston, Wyoming area still.


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