Tattoo Monitors Diabetes: Blood Glucose Monitor

Suffering from diabetes is a huge problem for so many people – I can list at least 10 people I know who suffer from this medical condition. Sufferers know that it is a constant battle trying to keep those blood glucose levels right and have prick their fingers all the time to do so, but not many of you will be using a tattoo.

This form of body art is just the latest in a range of products that will keep a check on your blood glucose levels, offering continuous levels in real time. The technology used is carbon nanotubes; Chemical engineers at MIT found that by injecting this under the skin is the key to this latest diabetes monitor.

The technology is still in its testing stage, but if successful will mean that those suffering from Type I diabetes might never have to prick their fingers to get a glucose level reading again. Do not worry if your child suffers from this condition as it is not a real tattoo, it has just been dubbed this.

The nanotubes that are used are wrapped in polymer and picks up glucose concentrations. The device is the size of a watch and is sensitive to infrared light, which is needed to help the system work. According to Elizabeth Armstrong Moore from Cnet News the Monitor will last about 6 months.



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