Parents Worried: McDonald’s Shrek Glasses Recall

Parents have so many things to worry about while bringing up their children and trying to keep them safe, but the idea that they could have come into danger because of a recent recall with McDonald’s Shrek Glasses – which we recently discussed – has got them worried even more.

Kansascity recently spoke to local parent, Lorena Ortiz, where she spoke about her worries that her children could have been exposed to toxic metals. She stated that such products should be safe and that she and other parent across the country should not fear these kinds of products.

Fast Food chain McDonald’s has now pulled 12 million Shrek glasses from its shelves. They have also asked that people stop using the glasses and contact them so that they can offer a full refund – but is this really enough.

McDonald’s needs to do one of two things, stop selling these cheaply made products or make certain that they source them from somewhere who has a good quality control in place.



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