New iPhone 4 Price: Will you Buy on Release Date?

By Alan Ng - Jun 7, 2010

So now we have had the ‘official’ lowdown on the new iPhone 4 handset from Apple – how do you feel? Are you pumped up for Apple’s new device like never before, or did WWDC 2010 leave you disappointed?

Firstly, if you need a full rundown of specs, you can check out our earlier article, which detailed some of the key specs for the iPhone 4.

Towards the end of his keynote, Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone 4 will be available from AT&T on June 24th – you can read more about the release date and pricing details here.

Did WWDC do enough for you though? Are you now desperately awaiting the release date, or do you still prefer another handset on the market?

Tough decision to make actually, let us know your thoughts on the iPhone 4.

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  • Franklin

    I'm also a long time apple customer. I passed on the 3Gs in 2009 because I just bought the 3G in 08. My contract is up this August and I am going to pre-order the new iphone for several reasons. The number one reason I need the phone is because the battery life in my 3G is good for about and hour before it needs a charge. Number 2, I missed out on having the video camera on my phone for a year. Number 3, the video blogging and social media possibilities this new phone creates/enhances are endless. I have never gone out on the first day of any technological release to make a purchase, but I will sure pre-order this phone to make sure I get mine on the first shipment.

  • Josh

    Im a long-time apple customer, but unfortunately, my contract with AT&T isn't up until November of 2011. This means that I wont be able to get the iPhone 4 for the amazingly low promo price. I also checked on eBay and the only iPhone 4 available for pre-order is going for $1,200.00. All in all, WWDC was incredibly exciting this year with all of the new stuff for mobile apple products but I think i'll just go ahead and forget that the new iPhone exists until the price becomes much friendlier.

    On another note, OS 4 looks really neat and, even though my Jailbroken 3G already does everything that was shown by Jobs, I'm glad its compatible with my model just in case I decide to leave the world of tricky, third-party apps.

    • erinn

      AT and T is letting people with existing phones upgrade at the promo price.