New iPhone 4: No Verizon Release?

By Alan Ng - Jun 7, 2010

Steve Jobs is currently in the process of his huge keynote speech at the WWDC event in San Francisco. So far we have had the iPhone 4 announcement, details on iOS4, the iBook store and iAd, but nothing regarding a Verizon iPhone. So where is it?

If you pay attention to all of the images released during the event, you’ll notice that Apple are gladly displaying AT&T as the carrier of choice for the new iPhone 4, located in the usual top left-hand side of the device.

When talking about specs for the device, Jobs himself confirmed that the iPhone 4 will have support for UMTS and GSM networks – no mention of CDMA, the band that Verizon Wireless use.

Is this the final nail in the coffin for any hopes of a Verizon iPhone? It looks like it, but the event is still ongoing – Steve Jobs may have some surprises left in store for us yet.

Give us your thoughts on the lack of a Verizon iPhone announcement.

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