New iPhone 4: No Verizon Release?

By Alan Ng - Jun 7, 2010

Steve Jobs is currently in the process of his huge keynote speech at the WWDC event in San Francisco. So far we have had the iPhone 4 announcement, details on iOS4, the iBook store and iAd, but nothing regarding a Verizon iPhone. So where is it?

If you pay attention to all of the images released during the event, you’ll notice that Apple are gladly displaying AT&T as the carrier of choice for the new iPhone 4, located in the usual top left-hand side of the device.

When talking about specs for the device, Jobs himself confirmed that the iPhone 4 will have support for UMTS and GSM networks – no mention of CDMA, the band that Verizon Wireless use.

Is this the final nail in the coffin for any hopes of a Verizon iPhone? It looks like it, but the event is still ongoing – Steve Jobs may have some surprises left in store for us yet.

Give us your thoughts on the lack of a Verizon iPhone announcement.

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  • simonne

    well, well, well good news verizon has already the ipad so it means sooner or later the iphone it gonna be part of verizon.

  • JLS

    my whole family wants the iphone but no we cant have it cuz of the STUPID apple people i mean RLY who likes at&t NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  • I WANT VERIZON TO BUY THE NEW IPHONE 4 SOOO BADLY ! i hope they do in the next 8 months..which is when my contract is up personally.

  • Azra

    I just recently switched to Verizon in hopes that the iPhone was going to be available sometime in the near future. I got the Droid Eris to hold me over until then, the droid market isn's close to as big as Apple's and I really hope they pick it up soon. I'd much rather have an iPhone.

  • marina

    aww man they should give the iPhone to verizon cuz like they given all the other iPhones only to at&t and that sucks 😛

  • DDS

    ok apple u want to control everything WELL FUCK OFF I WANTED AN IPHONE SO BAD MY DREAMS ARE CRUSHED NO VERIZON WTF IS WRONG WITH U i wanted it….so bad……now it can…only be a dream CUZ DAMN STEVE JOBS IS JACKING OFF WITH ATT FOR SO LONG

  • Joe

    Haha!!!! Suck it!!!! You all should have gone to AT&T. iPhone kicks ass and I'm getting iPhone4 the day it releases. Stop whining and go get your androids.

  • love apple but ATT wanted a huge deposit-500 per line ( i was gonna buy and iphone and a regular one for hubby on the spot and you tell me you want another grand on top of it! yeah right!) i had been with Sprint for year-no problems except coverage. went to verizon instead-the happily accepted me-got a blackberry and figured i would bide my time for the iphone4 release. well blackberry died this weekend so now i have a droid eris-like it except the battery life sucks..may change to the incredible since it looks like another long wait if ever for iphone….

  • Kaylee

    Verizon NEEDS the iphone!!! they have way better service and more customers! I've been waiting FOREVER for an i phone to come out! Apple get your crap together and give the millions of people what they want!!!! A VERIZON iPHONE!

  • jgoitom

    No body has taken notice that only in the united state they we only have one iphone provider and in the country they have many cell companys with the iphone this is some bull

  • Jennasb

    I hate AT&T. The coverage is great in ALaska, but I’ve got a year and a half left on my contract and I just moved to South Dakota…. NO SERVICE. But my dad has Verizon and has EXCELLENT coverage! He even had coverage in Alaska and they don’t even have Verizon up there!! So I love my iPhone but because I can’t go to any other carrier with it I’m only able to use the iPod and wifi feautures… It totally sucks!!! I’m definitely thinking of selling the iPhone and going Droid….

  • nhockeyfreak

    I wouldn't be so sure. When Jobs was talking about facechat in his key note he specifically said that it would only be on wifi for 2010 and he also said that he was still working a bit with cellular providers…..and the crowd laughed. Maybe he is hinting that the iphone will be coming to verizon in 2011.

    • Way to keep your confidence, but i for one have given up hope on a future Verizon iPhone, this keynote was the steak through it all. I for one believe Apple is the single largest retailer of Droids in the world.

  • Angel Rodriguez

    I sat here in anticipation with the news that the Iphone would be coming to Verizon. Then reality hit. I, like many people were waiting for years to finally own an Iphone. You know, us Verizon folk. Then with a blink of an eye the carpet was pulled out from under us. (NO IPHONE FOR YOU >BITCH<… So now I sit here contemplating on buying an Android type phone. The sad point to that is, From all the Android based phones I used, non gave me the WOW experience. Really there kinda boring phones, and I hate to admit that they might be in my future. Mr Jobbs, if you even take the time to read these posts try to understand there are millions of ( well newly / Former fans of your products that have very patiently waited for your Iphone) have now lost confidence in you and you company. Now we are forced to buy inferior Phone's AKA Android Phones… Read the post, the #1 complaint is AT&T and how they suck….. Come on your a smart fella, you know they blow, so why. Why Why why………?

  • Mike

    Why not switch from old school 3G to 4G-Sprint….I am moving on with technology and speed.

  • Josh

    I liked Verizon when I had them, but I’ve had AT&T now for over 3yrs and NEVER ONCE had trouble with thier service, or either iPhone I’ve had. My phone had 3G coverage for most of my recent journey to New Orleans, and were I didn’t have 3G, I had Edge, and 5 bars. (which isn’t as fast, but still worked well). There’s only two spots I have trouble when I visit my inlaw’s in Vilas co Wi. No 3G, but 5 bars in Eagle River, and edge which suprised me!! I expected it not to work with all the bad things I’ve heard. The only spot I had trouble was when crossing into Michigan’s U.P. past Watersmeet.

  • Dan

    Just as there are now comparable alternatives to the iPhone thanks to Google's Android (universal) operating system, there are lots of iPad alternatives coming out soon!

  • Ronny

    To hell with the iPhone. With all the android-based phones now out there, including the ones Verizon offers, the unique, 'holy grail' factor of the iPhone is gone. Look at all the manufacturers making similar phones that look/perform almost exactly the same way as the iPhone. They include Motorola, HTC, LG, and Samsung. Thank you Google for laying down the foundation for the alternative!

  • Droid4Lyfe

    The Droid keeps getting better and better.

    I had iPhone 3G and 3GS and now that I have switched to the Droid, I will never go back to iPhone. The android software is just too good. Notifications alone is the best idea ever!

  • LindaD

    Our first cell phones were from AT&T. We had lousy reception even along the Washington State I-5 corridor, no service at our home (a few miles from I-5), unacceptable customer service, and shoddy call quality overall.
    Since we changed to Verizon, many years ago, we've had outstanding customer service. I'm still surprised if I have a single dropped call in 3 months. Our reception is exceptional and I have service at my home.
    I'm very disappointed that Apple won't release the iPhone to Verizon – or whatever it will be called next month. I refuse to go to AT&T just to get the iPhone. Sorry Jobs, no sale.

  • Dennis

    Had an iPhone on AT&T network and got rid of the thing in less than 30 days. Went back to Verizon with the hope of getting the iPhone with the 4G announcement. Seriously disappoints me. Steve Jobs – Get with it!!!


    I am tired of AT&T. I love the iPhone 3G. I would love to have the iPhone 4. Come september when my contract is up with AT&T, I am migrating to a new carrier. PERIOD. iPhone 4 or NOT!! Apple, WAKE THE HELL UP!!! You got a lot of pissed of customers regarding AT&T!!!!!!

  • JMDC

    I was so disappointed when the keynote ended with nary a mention of the word Verizon. Solely from a business perspective, I cannot understand how Apple could be so stupid! I have heard from SO MANY people (including myself) that they would immediately purchase an iPhone if only it was carried by Verizon. And some of these people are the types that have never owned a smart phone and always buy the phone you get for free with a new contract. It seems utterly ridiculous that Apple is knowingly and willingly cutting off a huge market segment and as a result the profits that would be gained from said segment. Its so frustrating for an Apple product lover. I so torn. I want the amazing new technology, but what is the point if the network sucks and I can never fully utilize and appreciate it?

  • lolobabes

    Android phones offer a more variety of these features, i didn't see any innovation except maybe the imovie but thats about it. Sticking with android… ahihihihi

  • Travis

    How Apple can be so stupid to not take advantage of selling a bunch of phones for Verizon customers is beside me. Looks like the Droid is my next phone. At&t can take a hike.

  • Michael

    It seems really stupid to me why they wouldn't rush into getting a Verizon iPhone because the one thing that is keeping people from buying iPhone is the contract ending fee of $200(?) a line. I am pretty sure if Apple created an iPhone for Verizon then I am guessing a lot of Verizon customers would be willing to pay the full retail price to switch to that phone (I know I would) instead of waiting for a new 2-year contract price. They don't want to have to switch carriers, just phones.

  • John

    Someone forward all of these comments to Jobs himself. How can a man so brilliant be so stupid?

  • Gracie

    Well that’s it. I’m breaking up with verizon, going to At&T I can not wait until 2012 for the new iPhone.

  • Austin owens

    I wish the iPhone would come out on verizon because I don't feel like switching my phone company also I would have to pay a large amount to switch as well

  • smu96

    Don't blame Apple. Verizon had the chance years ago to be the exclusive iPhone provider and blew it. AT&T stepped up to the plate and got it.

  • sung

    Samsung Galaxy S is the best alternative against iPhone4. I am pretty sure it will be released on Verizon.

  • __J

    iPhone 2G on AT&T is terrible in Austin. I rarely make calls anymore because of the constant dropped calls. I can't wait until FaceTime is launched on a future 3G/4G iPhone device on a competent network. Possibly early 2011 on Verizon?

    Why not now on Sprint's 4G network?!? Oh yeah, AT&T still needs to maximize profits one more time. Capitalism… the best thing for you customers…. I mean shareholders.

  • JCooper

    What a shame, I have ben a Verizon customer for years and would love to upgrade to a smartphone but nothing that Verizon has put out comes close to matching the quality and reliability of the IPhone. However, I guess I will just continue to wait as I will not leave Verizon. Many of my family members have different companies (AT&T, Sprint, etc…) and in all the years still no company comes even close to the quality of service and performance as Verizon. Yet another possible IPhone owner that Apple will not see any money from until they work with Verizon…

  • Erock

    I see how much Apple loves the "Open" platform concept, eh?

  • pblflores

    Hey guys, let's not lose hope. Steve Jobs named this new product "iPhone 4" and not "iPhone 4G" for reason. Perhaps he is just waiting for Verizon to launch their new Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. This new iPhone has new and enhanced features that require stronger faster network.

  • Gman024

    Commo…i have been waiting for ever to get my hands on an iPhone for Verizon and im not even sure were going to be getting one anytime soon because every iPhone has been improved a little more every time AND YET it goes to AT&T

  • Chuck

    AT&T is the worst in NYC, I won't even contemplate it. Android here I come.

  • Dan

    Really disappointing. Many of us in the business community have been waiting on the iPhone for Verizon FOREVER. I'm now on my 3rd Blackberry. Once my corporate IT supports Android I'm going to it. The boys at Google should be sending Jobs a basket of goodies today with a note "Thanks for holding this thing up a while longer! Our market share should beat you out again in the coming quarters!"

  • dhaid

    Really disappointed. No Verizon version?! I do not understand why Apple would not close the door on Goolge and snatch up the Verizon market? I would trash drop my Android phones in a heart beat for an iPhone4!

  • Kathy Payne

    I guess AT&T will still not get my business. I will be going to Verizon & getting the incredible. I hope the droids beat Apple out in all the smartphones. I'm so sick & tired of this monopoly of the Iphone. If AT&T network was reliable I might switch but they suck!!!

  • Kim

    I am very disappointed. Living in an area where AT&T services leaves many of us who would like an iphone frustrated and disappointed. Why any company would want to block a large group of people from being able to purchase their phones because of a lack of AT&T service is beyond me. 🙁

  • Looks like a great phone – but not compelling enough to switch back to AT&T. Verizon, yes in a heartbeat.

  • Dan

    The photos on the Apple website don't have the AT&T logo on them. There is also no mention of a CDMA version.

  • Josh Nierstheimer

    Most of the stuff he talked about outside of the front facing camera is on the Droid already. I would like the Iphone so I can plug it into my alarm clock where my Ipod touch currently resides. If they stick with At&t it will kill the product since people can go to Verizon and get the Droid Incredible for cheaper.

  • a really good specs compilation & break-down of this 4th iphone:

    June 24th… not exactly what i was hoping for. i wanted the 18th!

  • Robert

    AT&T is fine by me haven't had any issues and good customer service. Verizon is a lot of hype I've had them before and wouldn't ever go back

  • corey

    I guess Apple is going to continue not getting my business. Time to get the new Droid Incredible… it's like Apple is trying to sell Droids.

  • imakethesunshine

    Major disappointment. I pretty much knew all the specs I just want the Verizon announcement.

  • Paul Allen

    It looks like anyone with Verizon had better like Droid or jump ship now!

  • Carrie

    ARGH! AT&T does not work in our state. So looking forward to a Verizon announcement. Disappointment abounds….

  • Brittany H.

    PISSED. As a total Apple junkie, I've waited YEARS now for an iPhone for Verizon. WHERE IS IT STEVE JOBS?

  • samason2020

    i'm mad verizon is way better than at&t they totally should have made it for verizon

  • jams

    Verizon needs the iPhone!!!!! BRING IT.

  • dukefan

    I’m not happy about it. I would love to get an Iphone, but AT and T has horrible service where I live.

  • Butch

    My comments? Apple are a bunch of dopes for going with AT&T in the first place. Let's get with the program here guys! There are MILLIONS of people out here chomping at the bit to get an iPhone the nanosecond it comes to the Verizon network. What's the hold up? If it's just that you're afraid to admit you were wrong, just mea culpa and get on with it. We'll forgive you, I promise.


    • Ian

      The main holdup from what I've heard is money. Verizon was the original choice for Apple but Apple wanted a cut of the data plan; Something Verizon didn't see eye to eye on to say the least. No news yet however if a CDMA model will be released fall

  • Devo64

    Woa is me. I will never give AT&T my money, so I will never own an iPhone.

  • Steve and Apple constantly emphasize their desire to give their customers the best products. Then they release a fantastic product like the iPhone on the worst network available. It's ridiculous, I've given up on thoughts of an iPhone for Verizon, I'll be purchasing the BlackBerry Bold for Verizon today.

    • Mountainman

      Did that already, about 2 months ago. A premonition pehaps.

    • itll come out in 2012 cuz apple has a 5-year contract with at&t so they aren't legally able to give the iphone to any other carrier til 2012

  • No Verizon, EVER *Cries*

  • Ashley

    Us Verizon customers have been waiting patiently for SO long; it's starting to get RUDE!

  • good lord


  • sirbOOmdotcom

    I won't get an iPhone unless it's on Verizon. CDMA, whether it's the newest tech. or not, always gets me better coverage inside buildings and out.

  • Mark

    Once he drives Verizon customers on to Android, he's lost them forever. Very dumb move to not expand the Iphone market.

  • Carl

    I say all Verizon customers drop their service and let Verizon know we are not happy with their failure to get the iphone. If they cannot provide the products we want then they should crash and burn. They have had plenty of time and should be able to recognize the desires of their customers. Without a iphone deal they have lost me. I hope every one of their customers drops their service with them and they fail because of their failure to provide.

    • Dean

      Apple is still under conttract with AT&T so they can't release it on verizon yet but i totaly feel you. i was so disapointed when there was no verizon iphone release but i refuse to switch to AT&T.

    • pblflored

      Are you blaming Verizon for not carrying the iPhone? It’s not completely up to them. They can’t hold Steve Jobs by the neck and force him to handed off.

    • jgoitom

      it has nothing to do with verizon they have said that they want the iphone but apple is making them wait and pay the price for not giving them the chance when they went to them first. buy and iphone 4 get it jailbroken and use t-mobile if you want one so bad.

      • tang

        the iPhone was created during a collaberation with apple and att
        they did not go to verizon first, get your facts straight
        and the reason why verizon isn't getting one, is because att is renewing their contract with apple to keep the iPhone exclusively to them

  • Jake

    I'll be happy to offer my opinion. (former cellphone distributor)
    Verizon will not get the iPhone until the newly announced LTE 4G network is built. Verizon's network just can't handle the data speeds on CDMA. So, yes, no iPhone for Verizon this year, maybe next year….

  • shawn

    DUMB! I dont want to switch from Verizon to At&t…..

  • jpk

    Looks like a Droid for me!

  • T Zc

    Well I wont hold out for the iPhone with Verizon if its not announced. I will go with Droid.

  • Issam

    I hate AT&T but will not go to Verizon unless they add the iPhone to there list of phones . period

  • Harvey

    No verizon sux.

  • guest

    if no Verizon iPhone, I'm going Android

  • george

    fuck that.. its a shame that the best phone will once again be shackled by the lack of the best cell phone carrier…

  • Bonnie

    The only thing preventing me from buying an Iphone is the fact that Verizon does not offer them. I am a dedicated Verizon customer and my only regret is that I have to substitute my Blackberry Storm for the Iphone I would rather be using.

    • jgoitom

      Get a htc incedible i swear you will love it more than the iphone My girl has the iphone and i played with it alot and it is nice. i had a blackberry storm and the web on that thing was the worse i hate it. i was doing the hold out thing like everybody else was. But know that i have this phone all the things it can do is crazy i download mixtape right off the web on to my phone free nav the list goes on and on

    • VerizonGal

      Nothing wrong with the Blackberry Storm. I would like to have an iPhone, but for now i'm not having complaints with my storm.
      It has been good to me for the past year and I love it. Regardless as much as I would like an iPhone, if Verizon doesnt get it, then i'm content with my Storm.

  • Sabre

    This seriously upsets me! I've been saving up for the past year for the new iPhone 4 because I was under the belief that it would be supported by Verizon. I live in a non-AT&T area, therefore Verizon is the only service provider that we can use. Once again Apple lets us down with the lack of CDMA.

  • smsk8er

    Too bad… Looks like its android for us verizon people

  • It's sad that Apple is ignoring Verizon, seeing as how it has more users than AT&T, and now that AT&T is removing the Unlimited Data Plan, a lot of users will be ditching the iPhone. However Verizon's smart phones have to come with the data package plan. No iPhone for Verizon is really going to upset some people, including myself. Verizon has some of the best phones, and the best network. I've yet to experience a dropped call. (When I had AT&T this was not the case, I had at least 1 dropped call a day.)

    • Annabelle

      AT&T has more users globaly which appeals to Apple. Also the 3G network is what iphone was made more originally and Verizon runs on the CDMA network which is not compatable. Making a new design for the iphone just for Verizon would cause Apple to loose money. Verizon has also not played fair when mocking the Apple and AT&T partnership with "there's a map for that" ad's.

      • Adam

        While AT&T might have more users globally, there is no competition between the quality of service – Verizon is by far more consistent. Heck, I got service on the bottom of the Grand Canyon. As far as “not playing fair”, my friend’s dad works for AT&T and said they wanted to take legal action against those commercials, but they couldn’t because it was only true. So it’s a shame that there’s no iPhone for Verizon, but I would never consider switching over to AT&T just for that, Verizon’s phones are some of the best out there whether we have an iPhone or not.

    • The latest is about it launching on early 2011. Hopefully it would be for real. Verizon iPhone 4 Updates.

    • Jon

      I am a orpine owner of the IPhone 4 and just to let you know I have never had a dropped call and the dropped is just a ploy. You don’t see anybody going around saying I really want a droid so quit complaining grow a set and switch to att and just to let you know iPhone 4 should never go to verizon and I have a unlimited data plan with att because I have a grandfather clause so that’s still good for me so quit whining and get the iPhone 4 and switch to att