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New iPhone 4: First Hands-on Review and Video

With all the madness and excitement of the Apple WWDC, you should all know now what the new Apple iPhone is called, when it is being released, what features to expect, and enough specifications to keep you interested until you get one in your hands on release day.

But before that day comes, we have found a first hands on review for you to take a look at now from Engadget who have had a taste of what to expect.

The website claims, as we were also told by Steve Jobs (and Gizmodo), that the device is very, very thin and the screen is something to be amazed at. You cannot see a single pixel, and they reckon it is the “best looking mobile phone screen” that they have ever “laid eyes on.”

Jobs also claimed that the build quality Is something to be admired, and he does not seem to be wrong in his conviction as Engadget say that the build is “solid,” with the home button being much “snappier.”

To see more of this hands on review, including pictures and video of the device, check out the source below.

Source: Engadget



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