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New Fourth-Gen Apple iPhone: Officially Called iPhone 4

After all of the speculation surrounding the fourth-generation iPhone we can finally confirm what name Apple have chosen, most predictions suggested that it would be called the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD, however it turns out they opted for the name iPhone 4.

Over the next few hours we should find out much more about the iPhone 4, when we do we will do our very best to keep you up-to-date.

By the end of the day we should know more about iPhone 4 features, specs and release information, therefore keep checking our homepage for all of the latest news.

Do you like the name that Apple have chosen for their fourth generation iPhone? I must admit before writing this article I thought that it would be called the iPhone 4G, however I am coming round to the simple ‘iPhone 4’ name.


  • Backbone

    How could they call it the iPhone 4G when it only operates on a 3G network in the states? Sure it is a 4th gen iPhone but…That would confuse consumers who wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a 4G phone and 4G phone network. It would draw undue attention to the fact that there is a 4G network out there provided by one of AT&Ts competitors (Sprint) and the iPhone isn't on it.

    • Sachin

      Hello sir, According to my point of view. This is the best phone for use Internet. thats why we called it Internet phone(iphone). is it right or not. if u have any other information plz tell me.


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