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MobileMe Free After WWDC 2010 Keynote?

There are some MobileMe users reporting that their accounts have been going from “Individual” to “Full Member,” and there are hopes that after the WWDC 2010 everyone will become a free member. This news was found by BGR, who got their information from 9 to 5 Mac.

We have to point out that this has not been made official and nothing could come of it, but all the signs are there. There have been rumors of MobileMe becoming free so what better time to announce it than at the biggest Apple event of the year.

When Apple first launched MobileMe the service was a luxury to many users, but there is a huge choice of other automatic syncing software for their devices – so this is the only obvious step that Apple can make.

Apple is starting to fall behind in the Cloud business so this announcement during WWDC 2010 will go a long way to pleasing users.



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