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iPhone OS 4.0 Release: Web Apps vs. App Store and Developers

Apple’s methods of approving apps for its App Store have always come in for some criticism. One of the main worries was that Apple would reject apps as they offered similar functions to those that the company already had, or were planning to design into the iPhone OS.

Ryan Faas from is asking if app developers are better to use Apple’s own development tools or create a web-based app. Apple have recently tightened their grip on app development by blocking the use of any software tools other then Apple’s own.

The new rules were aimed mainly at Adobe’s Flash, but also hit RunRev who were planning to offer a HyperCard-like tool which would allow for easy and quick app development.

The story goes on weighing up all the pros and cons for app developers to choose their preferred option in designing and releasing apps. Use the link above to read the full story.



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