iPhone 4: WWDC 2010 WiFi Demo Error Message and Verizon Heckle

By Jamie Pert - Jun 7, 2010

Usually when Apple demo their new devices things go extremely smoothly, however today when Apple revealed the iPhone 4 things didn’t quite go to plan when showing the handset’s Internet capabilities.

During the demo Steve Jobs tried to load the NYTimes website, however it was very slow to load, in the end the handset displayed a network-related error message. They then brought out a back up handset, however still failed to load the site.

Steve Jobs jokingly moaned at the attendees for using the WiFi connection, which probably caused the WiFi access points to grind to a halt, one brave attendee shouted out a sarcastic Verizon-related comment.

To be honest you can’t really blame the iPhone 4 for this error message, nor can you blame AT&T as the problem looks to be the fault of the wireless network, not the iPhone 4’s WiFi connectivity, I hope.

Source: SlashGear

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  • It appears it might be a WiFi issue, the same reason the iPad isn't that great at longer distances. Interestingly they use the same chipset.

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  • Esfandiar

    but how come iPhone 3Gs worked?! Obviously it's not AT&T's fault since it was on wifi. To me it's obvious that there's something wrong with iPhone 4 since the 3Gs worked every time. I just hope it can be resolved with a software upgrade; otherwise it would be embarrassing, and it would completely defeat the purpose of the new antenna (seriously what's the point of all that ingenuity if the device's connectivity is worse than its predecessor?!)

  • Royal Majesty

    Whatever. Iphone is dying & Droid is taking over. AT&T is costing Apple BIG-time!

    • hurr

      iPhone is dying? Sounds like Royal Majesty is a Royal Idiot who doesnt pay attention to the numbers. "Droid is taking over" is laughable.

      • hurr's father

        Nice phone fanboy, enjoy your bugged wireless and half-assed phone service 🙂