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iOS 4: New Name For iPhone, iPad and iPod OS

Today Steve Jobs announced the new name and the release date for the iPhone OS, which will now be known as iOS 4. The update is free and can be installed on an iPhone – not 2G – iPod Touch and iPad when released on June 21. Developers have been able to try this fourth version of the iPhone OS for some time now in order to make certain that their apps run perfectly with the software.

While delivering his keynote during WWDC 2010, Steve Jobs highlighted a couple of the new features on iOS 4, such as multitasking, unified inbox and much more. Jobs said that the upgrade offers 100 new features and 1,500 developer APIs.

Another feature that will part of iOS 4 is iMovie, this offers iPhone users a much better tool for creating videos of their own – all without the need to connect the iPhone to a computer. The new mobile OS has another new feature, and that is the ability to not only search with Google but Bing and Yahoo as well.

Finally we thought we would offer you the reason why Apple decided on a name change with its new iPhone OS. It seems that they wanted to have a new name as iPhone OS does not sound right when it is also used to run the iPad. This certainly makes sense, especially if and when they launch more products in the coming years.

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  • Apple better watch out for droid. Anti ipods like me love it.

  • By far this is the best apple oriented site i’ve been on! Much appreciated!


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