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inFamous 2: Confirmed for PS3 – New Look and Powers

When inFamous was released for the PS3 in May 2009 it received pretty complementary reviews from many reputable sources, therefore it is no surprise to hear that Sucker Punch Productions have now confirmed a sequel.

The game will apparently pick up from where it’s predecessor left off, however this time round the lead character (Cole McGraph) will have a new and improved look, and some fresh powers.

It is thought that inFamous 2 will be officially revealed in next month’s issue of the Game Informer magazine, therefore if you have been awaiting news regarding an inFamous sequel you should consider buying this issue, as it will probably feature scans and some in-depth detail regarding the game.

As we come across more inFamous 2 information we will keep you posted, in the meantime check out the source link below.

Source: GameHunters


  • Shaneka

    I really enjoyed the first infamous. I cant believe they redesign the character, look like a total douche bag i prefer the "ruff" look better. Whats up with the skin tight short sleeve, ewww! Which audience is the new one suppose to appeal to?! Little girly air head 13 year olds?That goes gaga over pretty boys! Where's the REAL manly look, put a frown on his face or something Come on! I'm really disappointed with the character design, what we they thinking! The character doesn't look cool any more. Looks like a wanna be super hero. That character makes me NOT want to buy the game.

  • Are you kidding, Vin?? Don’t get lazy with your gaming news! Online is sweet, but there is NOTHING like going to your mailbox and pulling about your monthly issue with that game you only dreamed of slapped dead on the front in full high quality glossy color! Magazine can do something online simply cannot and and altho it can’t be upfated as fast, you can always go back to it as a reference without swimming thru millions of spam links.

    I am tripping out to see Infamous 2 hopefully on the cover, but just to read about it and get updated on E3 stuff since I probably won’t watch most of it myself.

  • vinthedean

    Why should I buy the magazine when someone will post the details online a few days later.


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