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HTC EVO 4G: Smartphone Brings Record Sales For Sprint

Even with the impending showcase of the new Apple iPhone to be unveiled by Steve Jobs at WWDC, it hasn’t put a dent in the sales of the worlds first 4G smartphone, as Sprint have revealed that it sold a record number of the Android handset on it’s first day of availability.

The HTC EVO 4G was released on Friday, June 4, and experienced some hiccups when it saw temporary shortages of the device in some stores. This has not stopped the influx of consumers who want to get in on the Android and HTC EVO craze which carries the 4G flag.

Sprint refused to release any specific numbers, but say that they sold the biggest quantity of a single phone in one single day, comparing that to previous records held by the carrier with the Samsung Instinct and the Palm Pre. In fact, they do say that it is equal to three times the amount of ‘Instinct’ and ‘Pre’ phone sold over the first three days of availability combined.

It seems as though the HTC EVO 4G has lived up to everyone’s expectations, and still could go on to being one of the best products in its range this year, even with the impending release of Apple’s next generation iPhone.

But all has not been great with the EVO, with reviews and reports suggesting bad signal areas, demand overload, and one or two technical glitches.

Have you been able to get yourself a HTC EVO 4G? What are your first impressions?

Source: PCWorld


  • Richard Yarrell

    I have owned the HTC Eco 4g from Sprint and this has been my very best investment into the smartphone arena. The device is sleek and renders pages quickly all pages and the video quality is crisp and crystal clear. Sprint has great coverage here in new York so my signal strength is constantly 4 to to 5 bars daily. This device is completely a total joy to own I recommend this device to everyone. 4g will be in new York by the end of this summer from Sprint so I can't wait. Regardless of the upcoming iPhone 4 it will never compare to this device especially with at&t


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