HTC EVO 4G Problems: Bad WiFi Signal for Most?

By Alan Ng - Jun 7, 2010

Some worrying news to report now, as we are hearing numerous reports that the HTC EVO 4G, the handset recently launched by Sprint has been plagued with poor WiFi signal strength for some users.

Well that is according to this report found over at BGR anyway. They state that no matter how far away or close to your router you are, the HTC EVO 4G only displays one bar of signal.

Sprint has already said that they are investigating the issue, while it is unknown whether this is a hardware or software problem at the moment.

But what is the WiFi strength like for you on your HTC EVO? We often report on problems after handset launches, but they usually only affect a minority.

Is your WiFi fine or not? We’ll update you if we hear anything from Sprint regarding this matter.

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  • Theo Smith

    My Iphone connects at work, no problem. My EVO 4G struggles to get one bar,

  • Sarah

    I have loved my EVO since day 1. I've never experienced poor wifi, BUT I've had this phone for about 6 months and the battery life is HORRIBLE!!! Mine just shut off tonight and will not even turn on. Grrrrrr…..

  • No problem with my EVO. two bars 50 ft away. Had to change the router's channel a few times to find one it liked.

  • Christopher

    My wifi worked fine when I first got the phone. But it hasn't worked since and update was issued a few weeks ago. Not one bit. Even right next to my N-Gear router. This is very disappointing as I really liked the phone. Well, I did hate the fact I couldn't throw the NASCAR thing in the trash, but that was a minor quibble. If the wifi isn't fixed I may have to be forced to go back to the iPhone. 🙁

  • CraigMack

    My wifi signal is terrible. HTC….get your ass in gear and get this shit fixed… yesterday! I NEED to be able to pick up a good wifi signal as I'm not in a 4g area yet. Seriously! I love this phone but I'm paying 10 extra buck and I don't live in a 4 g area… shitty wifi too? Don't make me regret getting an android, please!

  • James

    Im having the same problem, I really like the phone and i was willing to live with the horrible battery life, but If the WiFi problem isn’t addressed soon I will have to bail on the Evo and sprint.

  • Scott

    My wife and I both received our EVO's today. Both are not picking up WIFI very well at all. PC says excellent, they both say poor and I cannot get them to connect.

    Everything else appears super so far, so this is very disappointing.

  • StEVO

    Same issue with mine – weak Wifi reception and download speeds. When up against the router then all is good. Spoke to HTC rep (Kevin) and he said he hasn't heard of that problem so I recommended he visit his own company support forum…. hmmm… Called Sprint and they said return the phone for another. Possibly antenna is bad?

  • James

    Mine has had a weak signal period. If I place my EVO right up against my router, then it goes to full strength, but otherwise it is usually at 1 bar.

  • vailmcc

    I've had issues with wifi and called Sprint about it last night. The associate said that he has been deluged with calls about wifi strength and connectivity issues. He didn't have an answer for me, and said Sprint was looking into it. HTC's EVO forum is full of complaints; everyone with the exact same issue.
    I sit about 25' away from our router at home, and 40' at work. I never get more than one bar on the device, and generally am forced to shut wifi off to use my browser.
    Sprint and HTC have one week to fix this problem, or I'll be asking for directions from Vail to Cupertino…

  • Sleepnumber

    I haven't had any issues with my EVO. On a speed test on Speakeasy when paired with my router I clocked 16.58 Mbps download speed which was about as good as my HP DV8 notebook running the I7 core from Intel. I did not even think to see how far away I could walk or look at any strength settings.

  • Robert

    Mine has been fine… I have not used it much but I did test it out and pair it with my home router on Saturday. Like my laptop I get a full signal while in my office next to the router and the signal drops off slightly in the living room, drive way or on the back porch/yard…. From my Wi-Fi network I tested it in different areas of my house and yard and got an average of 3.86 Mbps download speeds…..