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Final Fantasy XIII: Sony & Square Enix In PS3 Bricking Lawsuit

In a strange, but interesting story it seems that the FFXIII developers and contributors from Sony and Square Enix are being sued by an obnoxious gamer for causing ‘severe and widespread damage’ to PS3 consoles since the games release on March 9, 2010.

The original report that comes from IGN says that a lawsuit was filed on June 2, 2010 by Daniel Wolf who comes from San Diego, Calif, and says that the game has caused “PS3 consoles to freeze and become totally and permanently inoperable.”

Wolf says that after he purchased the game on release day, his PS3 became unresponsive and refused to play any media after an attempt to save his game failed.

The suit also mentions that Sony and Square Enix have been blaming each other for the issues in the game, but neither are willing to cover the cost of the repair bills, nor are they willing to comment on the situation.

Has FFXIII caused you any such problems?

Source: VG247 via IGN


  • Rich

    It can't be the Blueray player, or the discs, since i ripped FFXIII to an external HDD after reading all these problems, and right enough i get to the end of chapter 11 and bang, same crashes same symptoms.

    Obviously the blueray drive is fine since its being ran from another source.

  • Mark

    I mean most sane people can work out that this was just a random console failure and the owner just hapened to be playing a mighty popular game.

    I bet statistically more televisions fail during eastenders but people are not stupid enough to think its the cause.

    what ever happened to the sound tech crowd here? its just frequented by tech retards these days

  • Anonymous

    I don't Have to bother With it For the Xbox, Except for the ever Concurrent E74!

  • Jason

    my launch 60 gig plays games just as wonderfully as day one
    this guy and lawsuit are both full of horse cookies

  • darkbridger

    I'm actually had the EXACT same problem. Played FFXIII once, restarted, fired it back up, played FFXIII a 2nd time, PS3 crashed, Blu Ray laser is burned out, and can no longer read any discs.

    At first I just thought it was coincidence, now that I'm seeing a class action lawsuit, I'm not so sure.

  • bribri

    My ps3 has done the same thing. The game froze after a fight and after I restarted the system it will no longer play any disc.

    • Ray

      its your blue ray drive. its faulty. the same exact thing happened to me while playing MGS4. Its not the game. this fool is trying to score some cash with his greedy lawyer.

  • Ray

    Why these people who sue Sony for every little thing all seem to reside in California?

  • low

    i wonder why alan ng didnt report on this hahahah fanboy much.


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