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Apple WWDC 2010: Steve Job’s Reveals iPad Is A Success

Steve Jobs appeared on stage at the WWDC to a huge applause, and decided to go right to work with Apple’s latest success – the Apple iPad.

With WWDC sold out in 8 days, to over 5,000 people, they love to hear about a success story, and with the iPad, there is almost no competition.

While posting a picture on the overhead screen, Steve said that he got an email from an iPad member, claiming he got a girl “interested” in him due to the fact he was sitting in a café while playing around with his “magical device.”

It certainly is magical, as Apple have sold over 2 million iPad’s so far, and according to statistics, that is one every three seconds.

A talking point for the iPad’s success, almost certainly boils down to the 8,500 available applications that are on offer, and also the use of the iBooks, that have been out for 65 days with 5million sales already. Astonishing.

As more news comes in about the conference, we will keep you updated with practically any interesting breaking news, so stay tuned.

Source: SlashGear



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