YouTube: Rocket Launch UFO

There seems to be no end to the power of YouTube, which was evident a couple of days ago when a bright spiraling light appeared in the skies across Australia. The funny thing though was the fact that there was a rocket launch in Cape Canaveral, and it was that rocket that witnesses saw and not a UFO – sorry people.

If you look at the YouTube video below you will be forgiven for thinking that it was a UFO, with AFP saying that its center looked brighter than a star. The light lasted for 3 minutes and 48 seconds, all of which was caught on camera. It did not take long for the frenzy to start and had spread across the Internet and the world in minutes.

It was because the object was traveling both low and fast that onlookers were confused and had assumed that it was a visitor from outer space. Astronomer Andrew Jacob believes that what we were seeing was the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that was launched by NASA on Friday.

Sometimes rockets tumble or spiral, which is what creates this affect caught here on video. Did you see this so-called UFO? What did you think it was?


  • it landed, plus it was back the next day, plus it was visible from 7pm. believe what u want.

  • Mulletman

    Is that the actual video? Pretty cool. But why would aliens be spiralling around like that? Joy ride? And where does it go to the ground? It's moving away from the recorder and then disappears over the horizon.

  • Mulletman

    Yeah – show the pictures, or I consider you someone just trying to have fun with us all.

  • Audrey

    I am still not convinced. As a stable person. I too have seen questionable things fly by. One day all of the pretense will be dropped and the arrogance let go. We may not be alone!

  • Jamie Joh

    So Peter Chubb, You are willing to stake your reputation on one interpretation of events, even when there are discrepancies in this story? What makes you so sure? Can you at least analyse the situatuion scientifically?

  • maybe you could post some pics papap – otherwise, it's hard to believe…So how about the link to the pics?


    sorry but we tracked the flight path of the falcon 9 and what people saw was not the rocket it was completly different and the object witnnesses actually came down to the ground approx 18km ssw of alice springs and was triangle shaped. we have close up high res pics and footage and we can confirm that it was not a rocket of any kind.


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