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WWDC 2010: Verizon iPhone 4G and 9 other Predictions

Are you getting excited about WWDC 2010 yet? We are just a day away now from Apple’s annual bonanza and we have found an article which lists ten predictions which will likely occur at the event.

The article comes to us courtesy of RedmondPie, who have given us their heads up on 10 things that we should expect to see tomorrow at Apple’s keynote conference.

Top of the list of course is the iPhone 4G, or iPhone HD, along with iPhone OS 4.0 – the latest operating system which will be available to download soon.

Another hot item which is also rumored to be appearing at the event, is the CDMA-capable iPhone, which would be released on Verizon and at the same time – confirm that AT&T no longer has the exclusive rights for the iPhone.

Other predictions include a web version of iTunes, a free version of Mobile Me, a new firmware update for the iPad OS, new refreshes for Apple’s Mac range and much more.

Take a look at their article for the full list. How many of their predictions do you think will come true? Will we really see a Verizon iPhone tomorrow?



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