WWDC 2010: Navigon MyRegion and iPhone OS 4.0 background GPS API

By Gary Johnson - Jun 6, 2010

Navigon are celebrating tomorrows WWDC and the new iPhone OS 4, with some special discounts on their MyRegion app. You can get the app half price for $14.99 from June 1-11, 2010, with extra maps costing $9.99.

Rene Ritchie from TiPB.com is reporting that they are also celebrating the new Background Location feature that will be found in the new OS 4. This new feature will allow users to update and access their location without having to run applications like LOOPT.

MyRegion lets users pick the map regions they need, and allows them to upgrade and purchase additional maps from within the app itself. This is great for when you are on the go and might need some extra navigation choices.

The navigation app allows for a premium service, but at a low price. It comes with functions such as Google Local Search, Lane Assistant Pro, Navigon MyRoutes, Reality View Pro, and much more.

Are you looking forward to iPhone OS 4.0, and the new background location feature? What do you expect from WWDC 2010?

Click here for the MyRegion App on iTunes.

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  • Lon

    Well I have to say I am disappointed in Navigon. I wanted to buy the "MyRegion" at the reduced price for June. Now I discover to my surprise that Alaska (and Hawaii) are not part of the Western U.S.!! So, since I am Alaska, I would have to buy the USA & Canada version of the App (I'm glad Navigon at least recognizes that Alaska is part of the USA) for $79.99, instead of the MyRegion for $14.99. A lot of lost credibility here!