Popularity: iPhone 4G vs. HTC EVO

By Gary Johnson - Jun 6, 2010

The previous iPhones have always proved to be popular amongst users and fans alike. But lately the handset has had to deal with tougher opposition. With the announcement of the iPhone 4G expected tomorrow, the battle for the most popular handset will hot up.

Phonesreview.co.uk have been running a poll with its readers asking them to choose between the iPhone 4G, HTC Droid Incredible, and the HTC EVO 4G. We have reported recently on the popularity of the HTC EVO 4G, and the long queues of people wanting to get their hands on the device.

The poll the website is running started off with Apple’s iPhone 4G holding top position. But recently the HTC EVO 4G has stormed to the top of the poll gaining a massive 1642 votes compared to the iPhone 4G getting 444 votes.

Things could start to change when details of the iPhone 4G start to be confirmed, but Apple may not have things their own way anymore when it comes to the smartphone stakes. What do you think is Apple going to relinquish their title of the king of smartphones? Did they have it to lose in the first place?

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  • Gissela

    Ive had the iPhone since it came out i love it. But the service AT&T offers is crap, which is the key factor in operating a smart phone. Ive been playing with the EVO lately and i love it, sure the iPhone has some better features than the EVO, but with better service from Sprint, you can look over these better qualities. Thanks for the great times iPhone, but im gonna stick with the EVO from now on.

  • tim mays

    i owed a i phone 3gs and i was going to buy the new i phone 4 until i went to radio shack and played around with both the evo and iphone 4 and i must say that i am no longer a i phone user because it is no comparison evo wins i love it everything is better its faster bigger screen better apps i love apple but they are 5 and evo is 11 im on sprint i have the evo my girl has the backflip on att my sis has the my touch on t-mobile and we all share apps like wailike talkie u need two i phones to share stuff but not andriod we all have diff phone companys but we still talk for free on are walkie talkie droids win all the way

  • nickita

    plus my phone calls dropped all the time with the i phone 4!

  • nickita

    i got my i phone 4 last week over the mail that i ordered with at&t, but i and my hubby always been sprint, then this week i needed it to go to sprint store for my hubby and i saw the htc evo and start browsing that phone, next thing i know i contacted at&t and request the return label sent the i phone 4 back to them and transfer my number to sprint just to get the best phone ever! and i got tell you HTC EVO is the best so far ! I am sorry apple lovers, i am a mac too and i love apple products as well, but this time they lost!

  • Mark

    I had an iPhone 3GS on Orange here in the UK, but it was crap, I couldn't multi-task, the bluetooth never worked, predictive text was useless, I hated it. I had Orange on breach of contract as their useless service in my area meant I kept loosing calls, the internet would never connect, and they made a complete balls-up with the monthly payments twice by taking too much money (leaving me overdrawn), and then they tried to blame me etc… long story…

    Switched to the Nokia N97 on Three which in itself was better than the iPhone IMO, the only thing it lacked in comparison was the limited OVI store – Apple apps store is brilliant.

    When I heard about the iPhone 4, I got excited and expected it to be a very good phone, but having played with that and the evo in store, I was blown away with the evo, much better all-rounder, isn't full of Apples DRM BS, and it's opensource… heck even I might be able to write an app for it myself.

    For me, Evo all the way 🙂

  • Keith

    I've just switch from 3GS to EVO and I really enjoy using it. I've just been trying to search for the apps i used to have in my 3GS and I found most of them already. I don't think I will ever change back to iPhone again because I don't like AT&T

  • kitsos

    Yes to open source applications for android!
    iOS sucks, so does Bill! They think that they can exploit human!

  • luis garcia

    Well Apple has made more area to capture photons in its camera so the evo and the iphone 4 will have the same camera, but the video will go to the iphone considering it shoots at 30fps and the evo at 24. iphone is still the dominate phone, but evo is as close as it gets to apples technology. The smartphone race is all a matter of opinion.

  • Jonobot

    I like the EVO but I wish it wasn't made of plastic and had a better screen that featured more than 65K colors…Also, would you say that the EVO has a better camera because it has more megapixels?

  • HTC RULES!!!!

    I agree the Htc evo is too superior to the Iphone 4g I just got mines n I can't keep my eyes off it Evo 1 Iphone 0

    • EVO3G4gisntout

      You can't keep your eyes off of it because it is so huge!!!

  • Well it really depends on your preferences. The iPhone 4 announcement today was great, Although I was a bit dismayed that it will still stick on AT&T, despite of all the issues of users against that carrier.

    The battery of the iPhone 4 is amazing (10 hours wifi browsing). Hopefully, Evo can catch up to that aspect.

    We got to love competition all the time 😀

  • Derek

    TO John and his comment about HTC biting into Apples Market share its not just biting its devouring its market share and its not just HTC thats responsible for killing the I phone its the Android Market to blame and its awesome job at understanding people and putting people first and being open sourced so anyone can develop apps Its a 4 the people and made by the people we can create Google is a Genuis of a company they hire some intelligent people down there at headquarters that know what people want Steve Jobs is intelligent but imagine 100 steve jobs at Google all working on different areas of Android . Android two years ago no one took it seriosly look at the dent it has put in the Apple Market in such a short time imagine whats its going to do in the years to come Android is going to be running the show from now on the I phone will still make decent I phones but android will continue making all kinds of different phones and other devices this is just the beggining where main stream is starting to know what Anroid is thanks to the Verizon Commercial but it was T Mobile that paired up with Google in the beggining to make the G1 ,the Mytouch ,Motorola Cliq , Nexus One, Sprint has the Hero,The Moment and of course the heavyweight champion phone The HTC EVO it is by far the best phone I have ever owned and yes I even owned the incredible which is decent but a little to small and dinky the touch screen on the evo is so big a man can actually finally use a touch screen phone with no problem I love my Evo can you tell…lol

  • I wouldn't go so far as to say Apple will relinquish it's title as king of the smartphones, but it's undeniable that HTC has made enormous strides in their smartphone technology and may arguably have produced a phone in the EVO that is actually better than the latest Iphone. In the long run, I still see the "Apple" name and reputation maintaining it's dominance in the smartphone market, with HTC continuing to bite (no pun intended) into Apples market share and beginning with the EVO matching or (gulp) surpassing Apple's Smartphone Technology.



    • Hello everyone,

      I really like reading everyone's posts and bringing each perspective to life.

      I recently switched from iPhone 3Gs to HTC Evo, the very day EVO came out.

      Let me first say, I absolutely love iPhone and have had both the iPhone 3g & 3gs. I am also a big Macintosh & Linux fan at home and I work with linux professionally at work.

      Today I was able to look at the new IPhone and it is a VERY SEXY phone. So many say, "Why move away from the iPhone, when it has everything you can possibly need?".

      The answer simply is the network. I have been an Cingular & AT&T user for years and have leveraged many 3G phones introduced by HTC that were Windows powered.

      AT&T had a great voice and packet network UNTIL iPhone came to town. Now AT&T's network here in St. Louis and other nearby areas has become un-reliable (at best). The packet network was great, but now latency and consistant packet speed has taken a "turn for the worse".

      I want reliability in a phone service.

      Now to the EVO and compared with my experience with IPhone 3GS and very little experience with the new 4th generation IPhone device.

      The iPhone beats the EVO in regards to software available on the iTunes store vs the Android Market. There is NO COMPARISON in regards to "good" software on the Android Market compared to iPhone software.

      In regards to performance, I believe the EVO is the winner.

      And in regards to dropped calls and network experience, Sprint is the winner in St. Louis area.

      Once better software is introduced to the Android Market, I believe that the HTC Evo will be better than iPhone.

      I believe that Apple killed AT&T.

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