Oswald’s Getaway Cab Auctioned: Was it worth $35,000?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 6, 2010

We all know the story of Lee Harvey Oswald and where we was when he apparently killed JFK. We also know that he used a cab as a getaway vehicle – so you will be shocked to learn that Oswald’s cab was auctioned off, where an Illinois car museum paid $35,750.

The 1962 Marathon taxicab is un-restored and will go on show at the Historic Auto Attractions of Rockford, Ill. The vehicle will be on show next to a host of other memorabilia to do with the assassination of JFK, such as the ambulance that took Oswald to the hospital when he was shot.

David Flick from The Dallas Morning News points out that the reason why this cab fetched so much at auction was due to the fact that people have a huge interest when it comes to President John F. Kennedy and his assassination.

The 1962 Marathon cab had a pre-auction estimate of $30,000, and it was the huge interest of bidding that made the vehicle reach $35,750. Do you believe that the cab was worth that? For more details on this story visit Flick’s article via the link above.

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