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New iPhone HD 2010: “smarter, better, faster”

As we build up to tomorrow’s WWDC 2010 event, the two questions on our minds will be – will Steve Jobs announce the new iPhone and what will it be called? Most of us assumed that it would be called the 4G, but this could confuse users into thinking that the new handset was 4G capable. We think we have proof of what the new Apple smartphone will be called – iPhone HD.

Looking at the image that we found on Twitpic, it has the new name of the iPhone along with a caption beneath saying “smarter, better, faster”. That certainly sounds like the new iPhone to me going on all the rumors of what the features will be.

We are not certain if these images are fake, but it is normally a day before when we start to get more reliable news, and reports that Apple will call its new smaprtphone iPhone HD makes perfect sense.

Looking closely at the image it shows that the HD iPhone is a 64GB version and that there will be more of a color choice – this tends to confirm some of our recent reports.

Do you think that Apple will call it the iPhone HD, or do you think that this has been done with Photoshop?



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