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New iPhone Game: Dice Diving

A fun fast paced game has just been released for owners of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Dice Diving 1.0 combines the thrills of high-diving with the excitement of poker-style hand making. The game is filled with 31 events.

Players use five dice to form the best poker hands they can, as they attempt to complete specific hands that represent three aspects of the dive difficulty, including the approach, the flight and entry. The player has to also complete free-play hands representing five judges.

There are a limited number of rolls players are allowed to make, forcing them into making critical decisions in the pursuit of the best poker hand and dive scores. By getting both in the 31 separate events, the player if good enough can win bronze, silver or gold medals. An in-game instructional video helps users get to grip with the game.

Dice Diving 1.0 is on the App Store for only $1.99. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch required with OS 3.1 or later.


  • watechguy

    Thought you might be interested in this new game for casual game players. (Most of the mobile users.)

    Star Tic Tac Toe – a new twist on an age old game.
    This is a tic tac toe with a twist.

    First it has movable pieces and is played on 3×3 board. Each player gets only three pieces and they are moved around on the board to complete a row. This adds dynamism of changing scenarios and requires strategic placement and movement.

    Second there are special pieces – The Stars!
    The stars have some restrictions on their movements but they also have spacial move . Stars can be swapped! Adding another layer of surprise and twist.

    The three simple rules of the game turn it to into a game of deep strategy and endless fun.
    The game is simple enough that anyone can enjoy.
    And yes – it is a winnable game unlike plain old tic tac toe. But at the same time its challenging enough. You really have to use your brain!


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