New iPhone 4G/S: Mobile Gaming in 2010

By Gary Johnson - Jun 6, 2010

The new iPhone that is due to be announced tomorrow could totally change the face of mobile gaming in 2010. With all the rumored new features of the device, we can get some idea what this will mean for gamers and the iPhone.

Brian Crecente from is reporting about the new features and what they will have in store for gamers. The front facing camera will give the iPhone similar capabilities to those of the Nintendo DSi, making it easier for users to upload their face to an iPhone game.

A possible higher resolution screen would allow for better game graphics, and that would always be a welcome feature. There is also the speculation that the new handset will be capable of multitouch gestures, which could if true provide another way to interact with games.

And with the possibility of new games being announced over the coming days, should provide some great excitement for iPhone gamers. We will surely soon find out.

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