New iPhone 2010 and AT&T Data Cost: Will you be happy?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 6, 2010

When we reported to you the other day that AT&T were to roll out new data plan charges for 2010 we knew that this would upset a huge percentage of the carriers customers. There are those who will end up saving money with these news costs, but those who have an Apple iPad or iPhone will end up paying more as time goes on.

The new data plans will coincide with WWDC 2010 and start on June 7, users will have to pay $25 per month to receive up to 2GB of data per month, if you go over that then the price will be $10 per gigabyte. We have to inform you that this only applies to new customers, existing customers will still benefit from an all you can eat buffet of data.

Wondering if you are happy with this latest change will only apply to new customers – not certain if those already on AT&T will care that those new to the carrier will get this bum deal?

2GB of data does not sound that bad at first glance, but those who will sign up to AT&T to get their hands on the new iPad or the new 2010 iPhone when Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs announces it at the Worldwide Developers Conference tomorrow will not. The reason for this is simple – these devices are made for doing much more than browsing the net, you can watch videos on them or download music via iTunes or apps via the App Store, all of which will take you way over that 2GB data limit.

David Goldman from CNN Money points at that iPad owners signed up to Netflix will only be able to stream from 6 to 12 hours of movies or TV shows – depending on the quality. Goldman made a great point when he suggested that these new AT&T monthly data plans are much like the cell phone plans that we were used to in the early days – so you can understand users frustration.

We wanted to know if users would be happy about the cost of these new data plans, so we turned to a poll on Cnet News to learn more. 37 percent of the votes have come from existing customers, where they say that they will keep their $30 plan forever – who can blame them? 29 percent are angry and wish that the unlimited were still available. You do not have to be a genius to understand that the masses are not happy – get the full results of that poll by visiting Cnet News via the link above.

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  • Tiffany

    I am pissed!!!!! I am willing to pay for unlimited and they dont offer it.. Ive been a att customer for 9 yrs now and i finally have the iphone and all of a sudden my plan chaned from unlimited to 2gb… Ive had my phone for 2 weeks and ive recieved a text from att stating ive used 65% of my data plan and the month isnt even over yet… Im able to stream movies and music when im at work and thats all i do… They convinced me at the store that i would never go over my 2gb so i purchased the phone…. I am pissed and cant believe att did this especially to customers who have been with them for years!!!! YOU SUCK!!! This phone is my computer and now i cant utilize it to its potential!!!!

  • Jackie bo

    New customer for iPhone re- thinking buying this phone with such a lousy deal from AT&T!!

  • Ahhhh

    Wow, I'm amazed that Apple would let this happen… I mean their product is all about new cool and exciting apps, but if none of their users are able to download them, how will they make any money from their app store?
    I hate ATT, this is the only thing holding me back from switching over as soon as the new iPhone comes out.

  • James

    I have been planning to buy an iphone 4G and start a data plan, but this is making me reconsider. Isn't the whole point of using data that you WON'T be locked to your wi-fi at home or some cafe… that you can watch movies, email, listen to pandora ON THE GO without worrying about extra charges??

    Is Verizon ever going to get the iPhone? I've been with ATT for, let's see… over 8 years now. Maybe it's time for a change.

  • Emily

    This cut is ridiculous. Why the hell should I have to worry about how much data I am using when I'm willing to pay for unlimited?

  • Erick

    if you use more than 2gs on a mobile device you need to put your phone down and get a social life im glad their doing this cut as it will save me 15 dollars every month , I already have a pc and I’m sure every iphone user also has one to update their music or other things so why would they complain about the cut!

    • ANGREH

      BECAUSE sometimes you see a dong and your like YES this song rocks MUST LISTEN or an app or something and you want to download it without being charged THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

      • Bob Swagger

        Sometimes when you see a DONG. Fail. LMAO

  • Bill Hancock

    I don’t have 3g so most of my use is on wifi and my data still runs more than 250 megs. The 65% that AT&T mentioned as being happy with 200 mb must just use the iPhone for calling. I am keeping my unlimited and hoping that AT&T will eventually have 3g in my area.

    Bill Hancock

    Cordele, GA