New 2010 iPhone and iPad: Do you buy imitators?

We know that it does not take a consumer electronics company long to come up with its own version of a popular device, such as the iPad or even the yet to be released new 2010 iPhone. You can read more on this latest iPhone 4G clone from an article written by Alan Ng, he also wrote another interesting article on the iPed – you guessed it, an iPad clone.

Apple knew before us that they were onto a winner with its iPad tablet device, with Steve Jobs saying that it bridged the gap between he netbook and the smartphone – although he said that 2009 was all about the netbook and 2010 will be about the tablet.

Apple was the first to blink and start offering a true tablet device, with rivals were slow to offer their versions. However, these companies known for producing clone devices has not been slow at all, you only have to look at that iPed device mentioned above to know what we mean.

We do wonder how such companies are able to produce a clone of a device that is not even out yet? However, let us not forget that the likes of ASUS, and MSI will be offering their own version of a tablet device. These imitators will do their best to offer another solution to the popular iPad; the question is will they succeed?
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