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Neil Young and iPhone Tap Tap Game

There is no denying how popular Tap Tap Metallica was, so it came as no surprise that new versions of the popular iPhone game will be launching. One such artist that will be immortalized on this app will be Neil Young, as his songs will be featured at a cost of $0.99 to $1.99.

Neil Young is not the only artist to have a song feature on Tap Tap, but will not be available on the free version of the game. To gain access to these extra songs you will have to part with $4.99, but will be worth it to get versions of the game with much better music tracks.

This is all possible because of a deal that is in place with developer Tapulous Inc. and major record labels such as EMI Group Ltd., Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and lastly Warner. This deal has taken the Palo Alto based company one and a half years to finalize.

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