Google Privacy Investigation Starts

We have recently heard that Google are on the wrong end of an Australian police investigation, this investigation is looking into whether they broke privacy laws when collecting data for Street View.

The investigation is basically looking into whether Google employees broke Australian privacy laws when taking photographs for Google’s mapping service. Previously this has been questioned by German regulators.

Upon closer inspection it seems as if Google could have perhaps violated Australia’s telecommunications interceptions act, Google have admitted that they inadvertently collected private information from WiFi networks, however have now taken measures to stop this from happening in the future.

Whilst some people are completely un-phased by Google’s data collection for Street View, others are. Some people don’t want their photos taken without consent, as they could be seen doing things in places they didn’t want people to see, one expert believes that this is the “”single greatest breach in the history of privacy.”

What is you opinion on this police investigation?

Source: Guardian


  • I think Google should consider users privacy when delivering great application, after all we all are human and we think we need privacy.


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