California: Plastic Bags Ban In Stores

Those of you who live in California know that you live in a state that wants to make an example with the rest of the world – this was evident when they banned smoking a while back. In an effort to become the greenest state the Government has been pushing hybrid and electric vehicles – something that has been pushed along by the stars that live their. The latest step is a complete ban on plastic bags in stores.

For those of you who forget to bring your own bags with you next time you shop at a store in California, you will have to pay for the purchase of a paper bag. The idea is sound, but will certainly take shoppers a while to get used to the new state law.

Nations such as Bangladesh, China, Ireland and South Africa were the first to issue a ban on plastic bags and has begun to gain more interest around the world. There is not a ban like this in the UK, but we know that some stores now charge for these plastic bags, while others do not have them out unless asked.

Samantha Young from Associated Press has written an article on The Guardian, saying that it is no secret that plastic bags find their way in a number of places where they look unsightly – such as rivers, lakes and the ocean. We have to agree, and it is only when you see images of a landfill that you start to grasp how much of a problem this is.

Do you agree with the plastic bag ban in California?


  • Rachel

    ABSOLUTELY! It's ridiculous how wasteful this sountry is. Everyone wants to go green unless in some way it will inconvenience someone. No one gets it that we don't have a choice!

  • Cal Gal

    Yes it is about time. Now lets make the water companies clean up the water so that we
    don't need to use plastic bottles to get good water. much cheaper than cleaning up plastic. we all need to change our ways.

  • YEP!! Lets ban the plastic bags…. NOW we can use PAPER, and cut down the rain forests!! Good call California!! NOT!!…. if you're REALLY going green… people will have to BRING their own canvas,cotton fabric reusable bags….. or you are fooling yourselves…. more "feel good" legislation, that fixes NOTHING!! Another Liberal SAYALOTDONOTHING effort….

  • Ellen

    Yes, ban the bags. But wait, how many trees are we going to kill? OPS! Please think about this. Let's just use material bags. You can buy them cheap. Let's make them and share them. If you sew, share with friends who don't. Schools should have projects with this idea. Don't forget the men out there. Make sexy black bags for them. Make them look good. Everybody needs to do their share. Now let's fix the oil damage?

  • WTF

    I think they should concentrate on building jobs instead of making us pay for paper bags which are free right now. What a great state we live in.

  • Danielle

    This excites me. I actually got excited over the fact that California is banning plastic bags. Hopefully the other states will soon follow. It's a small step but a signifigant one.

  • amishron

    California is full of fruits, nuts, & flakes who always want to push their tree hugging agenda on everyone else. I can remember when stores only had paper bags & then made the switch to plastic bags because it was better for the environment.(cutting down of less trees). Now the tree huggers are going the other way. Doesn't suprise me that this kind of stupidity comes out of California.

  • mamo9lly20

    Great idea, 10% or more are out of work, people are being evicted from their homes, the
    State is broke, and now they want to add more cost + sales tax to the grocery store. Good
    thinking, probably goes along with a raise for the Gov.

  • lilswv100

    I agree with the "going green" approach, but what about the tourist who frequent shopping areas? Are there signs that inform them of the changes?….is it fair that they must pay for the paper bags after already spending their vacation money? I guess after everyone is used to this idea, there shouldnt be an extra charge for the time being.

    -potential tourist from the Bahamas

  • bob frank

    what about, plastic garbage bags? plastic sealy bags for keeping leftovers? vacationers who dont carry around spare grocery bags? and the rest of the aisles in the store filled with plastic products? will they take them all off the shelves? make it all or nothing, or it won't work like they hope!

  • SpellChecker

    – something that has been pushed along by the stars that live their. You need to spell check the word "their". It should of read "there".


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