California: Plastic Bags Ban In Stores

By Peter Chubb - Jun 6, 2010

Those of you who live in California know that you live in a state that wants to make an example with the rest of the world – this was evident when they banned smoking a while back. In an effort to become the greenest state the Government has been pushing hybrid and electric vehicles – something that has been pushed along by the stars that live their. The latest step is a complete ban on plastic bags in stores.

For those of you who forget to bring your own bags with you next time you shop at a store in California, you will have to pay for the purchase of a paper bag. The idea is sound, but will certainly take shoppers a while to get used to the new state law.

Nations such as Bangladesh, China, Ireland and South Africa were the first to issue a ban on plastic bags and has begun to gain more interest around the world. There is not a ban like this in the UK, but we know that some stores now charge for these plastic bags, while others do not have them out unless asked.

Samantha Young from Associated Press has written an article on The Guardian, saying that it is no secret that plastic bags find their way in a number of places where they look unsightly – such as rivers, lakes and the ocean. We have to agree, and it is only when you see images of a landfill that you start to grasp how much of a problem this is.

Do you agree with the plastic bag ban in California?

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