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AT&T’s New Data Plans: Price Comparison Chart

For those of you who are seeking further information regarding AT&T’s upcoming change to their data plans, we have a very useful price comparison chart to show you now, letting you know exactly how much you’ll have to pay if you go over the limit.

Over at BGR, it seems as if they, like everyone else are not too happy with AT&T’s latest changes, and do not see any advantages for the customer by choosing to stop the unlimited data plan from June 7th.

They have included a guide which shows customers who sign up to the Data Plus plan, just exactly the amount they will need to pay per month if they go over their 200MB limit.

The comparisons which the Data Pro plan is quite staggering. If you manage to use 201-400MB of data per month, you’ll be hit with a $30 bill – the same price for the old unlimited plan. Worse yet, using 1.001-1.2MB of data will result in a whoppping $90 bill. You won’t want to see how much you’ll have to pay if you actually use 2MB of data on the Data Plus plan.

Are there any of you who are actually happy with the new plans that AT&T are introducing? Check out the full chart through the link and let us know your thoughts on it.



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