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2010 iPhone and Android Users: How loyal are you?

The smartphone market is the one that has grown the largest in the small amount of time that they have been available to us, and even though the likes of Microsoft and Nokia have been around for a while now in the mobile OS business, it is Apple and Google that have taken the spotlight.

It is no secret that the two have a huge rivalry when it comes to its mobile operating system as well as those who have smartphones that run on them. Apple has been in the smartphone market longer than Google, but the search engine giant is catching up quickly – this is because a huge number of cell phone makers opt to have their handsets run on this latest OS.

Do not think any less of Apple, especially when its OS success is due to one handset – the iPhone. Jim Dalrymple from Cnet News has been looking into how loyal iPhone and Android customers are and found an interesting report from nielsenwire. It shows that iPhone has triple the market share as Android.

The report also suggests that 80 percent of iPhone users said that their next handset would be a device that would run on the ever-popular iPhone OS. Whereas 70 percent of Android owners said that they would like to have another Android device.

How loyal are you?


  • Now iPhone gets Android 2.2 FROYO anyways!!!!

  • In the past I always used nokia phones for many years, the integration of google mail, calendar, etc attracted me to the G1 / Dream and my eyes were very much opened. I have kept an eye on other phones and other operating systems such as iphone and windows mobile along with nokia etc but nothing has come close to tempting me away from android, if something consistantly better comes along I may well shift but there has been no sign of that. My one minor irritation is that big companies such as banks, when they make apps, only seem to make them for the iphone, but that will change in the future as android inevitable surpasses iphones popularity, when more people use android than use iphone then the big companies will add or shift to android for their apps, a simple numbers game.


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