WWDC 2010: Steve Jobs keynote Bingo card

As WWDC 2010 draws ever closer the rumors begin to move up a gear, as this is when the whole guessing game begins. So what will Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs and his keynote team unveil this year? We know for certain that iPhone OS 4.0 will get another mention along with its release date, but that’s about it. We wonder if a Steve Jobs keynote Bingo card will be of any help?

Matt Hickey from Cnet Crave has come up with this fun bingo card. Why not print it off from their website and then dab each one with a marker pen as Jobs or one of his team mentions one of them that appear on the card. They can be fun for readers, but Hickey points out that writers like him who will be live at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday will not have time to play, as they will be too busy keeping up with the event.

However, he does point out that he will be able to play bingo this year as he will not be covering the event – do not worry as there will be two other writers from Cnet Crave reporting the news as it happens.

We are sure that you may get a line or two, but do not hold out on a full house.


  • Gotta love Steve Jobs Bingo 🙂 Looks like a blast!


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