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WWDC 2010: Safari 5 download and unveil expected

We have heard so much in regards to the build up of WWDC 2010, from iPhone OS 4.0, Mac Mini, MacBook Air update and the new iPhone. However, one thing that seems to have been missed is an expected Safari 5 download and unveil. This does make sense as the web browser market is now hotting up – especially as Google Chrome has now gone out of beta for Mac.

Safari lags behind, not only Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, but also that previously mentioned Google Chrome – who is new to the browser market. An article on could not have put it any better when they suggest that Apple wish to change what Safari users think when they say that the browser is not cool.

There is a general consensus that Safari 5 will be the most important update from Apple in the browser market to-date when it comes to downloading it on the Windows platform. It is thought that the rumored version of Safari would come with a number of much-needed enhancements.

Some of these include: improving the performance of the JavaScript engine, improved HTML5 support, more focus on tabs, faster browser thanks to page caching and DNS prefetching and much more.

We have to remind you that this is all speculation at the moment, we hope that Steve Jobs will not disappoint on Monday.



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