Worm Facebook: Your Clickjacking Stories

By Peter Chubb - Jun 5, 2010

Facebook users are very aware of a new worm that is affecting the social networking site, and are not happy about this latest problem. Just think how CEO Mark Zuckerberg feels, he has been at D8 answering some awkward questions about Facebook security, when users are then hit with what is now known as Clickjacking.

We thought this is the perfect time to allow you to share your Clickjacking stories with us. Were you aware of this problem and knew what to do, or have you fallen fowl? For those who are still unsure what they need to do, then visit our recent post where it offers you the advice you need to stop this Clickjacking worm.

We do wonder if there was any merit to those who started Quit Facebook Day? As it does seem that the security of the social networking site comes into question on a regular basis. Maybe Facebook is a victim of its own success, the website is only targeted because of how popular it is.

To give you an idea of what to look out for, the most recent scams come up as popular headlines that are aimed at grabbing your attention – such as “Justin Bieber’s phone number”. Come on you know that this has worm writing all over it. Susan Hatch from National Ledger has more on this.

Please share your Clickjacking stories with us by adding a comment below.

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