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Verizon iPhone 4G: AT&T hints at WWDC 2010 announcement

What were your thoughts on AT&T’s change to their data plans? Most consumers are not happy with the move as it means an end to the unlimited data plans for their iPhone, but one article we have found suggests that their new plans could actually mean something major for another carrier.

An article we have found over at eWeek has pinpointed ten reasons why they think AT&T’s new data plans means that the Verizon iPhone 4G will be announced at WWDC 2010.

They believe that the timing of AT&T’s data plans announcement was very suspect, adding that the new data plans will save money for the carrier in the long run – and save revenue if the iPhone would land on another carrier – a move which would surely cut into AT&T’s revenue.

Another key reason is that they believe AT&T already knows if a Verizon iPhone is coming or not, given the fact that AT&T had a long-standing agreement with Apple for the iphone and would be the first ones to know if Apple wanted to move away from their agreement.

While it may of been perceived as a bad move for ending the unlimited data plan for customers, it could actually turn out to be a smart business move for the carrier with a Verizon iPhone due to land at WWDC 2010.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Full article over at eWeek.


  • tom

    "while it may of been.."??? Really? May Of Been? Please……..

  • Angelo

    I don’t really see how this is possible, when a verizon spokesperson came out and said it’s not going to happen now but maybe in the future. So a verizon iPhone is not happening right now but hopefully by the end of 2010

  • customer

    if the iphone 4g comes out for verizon i will definantlly buy it, if and when it does come out for ATT the new data plan rates will be the deciding factor as to if i get it or not


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