Sprint HTC EVO 4G: Activation System Struggles To Cope With Demand

By Jamie Pert - Jun 5, 2010

Yesterday we revealed that the world’s first 4G smartphone the Sprint HTC EVO 4G proved to be more popular than the carrier may have expected, so much so that their mobile phone activation system struggled with the high demand.

Exact sales figures are not yet known, however numbers must have been high as some consumers are reporting that the activation system came to a complete halt, therefore some EVO 4G owners were left frustrated, unable to activate their handsets.

Apparently the demand was so great that Sprint employees were apparently writing written receipts for consumers, many of the Sprint stores completely sold-out of stock.

This will probably be a great learning curve for Sprint, it is not surprising to hear that they struggled to cope with such demand, however at least they now know what to expect when launching such a highly anticipated smartphone in the future.

Did you have any problems buying/activating your Sprint HTC EVO 4G?

Source: IntoMobile

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  • RoadkillStewie

    …be happy, I'm on of the folx waiting (for news) and an apparent june 9th eta.

  • Jorge

    I arrived at Best Buy with my Wife at 11am for our appointment for both of our Evo's, and we didn't leave until 3pm. We were given Temporary Sprint numbers because we were porting over from AT&T and we didn't have full Activation with our Numbers until about 7pm … My wife is still having some service issues with her phone as of this morning.

  • bobby nwako

    @ Iphone: Shame on you Apple fan boy. 'Cry Baby'. Sprint has a winner and you know it. It will not kill the Iphone, but it will leave its mark on sands of time. I don't care what Apple comes out with on Monday June 7th. They can go to hell. My Iphone is now in auction at Ebay. Please, do stop crying. The EVO 4g is a BEAST.

  • Bye Tour, Hi EVO!

    My preorder experience with BB was a nightmare. They had provisioning problems that lasted over 6 hours. I was luckily enough to locate a phone at RS, they had no problem. Now I'm stuck with a $50 BB gift card that that I really never wanted. ::sigh::

  • Christian

    I too had to drool over the phone until I called technical support at 611. Within 5 minutes my phone was up and running. This phone is much better than anything I had read over the latter month. Don't listen to the Apple Fanboys and check this phone out, Sprint has a 30 day no contract policy, meaning if you don't like it you can return it without paying an ETF fee. I have been apprised that Google will be releasing Froyo, Android 2.2, within a month, this according to reports will substantially aid in prolonging the battery life of the Evo.

    On anther note, the issue about the Evo's battery lasting 6 hours, is IMHO much ado about nothing. Buy an extra battery, that is exactly what I have done, just as a precaution.

  • Geoff

    I activated my two evo's yesterday at radioshack. It took me almost 2 hours. But it's well worth it.

    • bobby

      Thanks for your patience. It makes me happy to hear that. We will form an EVO 4G fan club as this phone is for BIG BOYS. Any one that goes around with an EVO is a winner. Go Sprint!

  • Oscar

    I was at Best Buy yesterday at 10:30 am to get my EVO. I was able to get and activate my EVO, but it took 2 1/2 hours to get it done. It was extremely frustrating, but well worth it. This phone is awesome!

    Sprint definitely needs to better prepare for a launch like this.

  • Bubba

    I bought mine yesterday at 8:00 AM and walked out around 8:45 as I did not have an appointment. I had no problem regarding activation. A year ago tomorrow I remember walking out with a Pre thinking I had "the real deal". After playing with the EVO last night I think I finally got the phone I thought I was buying last year. I set up the essential features yesterday so I guess today I will look at the owners manual. The fast processor and the Andriod apps will make it difficult for anyone to buy anything other than the EVO.

  • Iphone

    june 7 will save the iphone, and give back its crown, down with htc!

    • Jaytee

      Apple fanboys will certainly buy the new iteration that they are expected to buy.

      Intelligent people will laugh at AT&Ts limited data plans and the antiquated hardware, and continue using the Evo. In fact, because the Android development cycle is so fast now, there will probably be an even better phone by that time.

      Iphone is out of the game now except for people who are buying the apple logo rather than a phone. If you are too dumb to figure out how to connect your mobile without itunes, than yes, the iphone is perfect for you.

      Assuming everyone else is as dumb as you is a big mistake.

      • bobby

        You nailed it JAYTEE. That guy has been crying wolf since this ICON came out. I don’t care what Apple comes out with on monday June 7th. They can go to hell because AT&T Network suck. My EVO 4G has been flying since I got it from THE SHACK yesterday, as I switched from AT&T to Sprint. I will never buy an Apple product again.

    • Jorge

      I'm sure the new iPhone will come out, and be everything it's Hype'd up to be. As someone who just ported over from an iPhone 3Gs to the Evo yesterday, I always thought the iPhone was a great device, and anyone who says otherwise is ignorant. Although I will be the first to say that the Evo is not an iPhone killer, I will say that it's defiantly my favorite phone to date, and I have owned 3 iPhones.

      I'm more than certain the new iPhone will be another amazing device, and I'm sure it will once again be the best selling Smartphone, but I honestly don't regret letting go of my iPhone for the Evo.

  • Samuel N.

    It took them 12 hours for them to get my phone activated. I could operate it on the 4g network, but the 3g network was non functional. Weird….i know. Its working properly now and the phone is a BEAST!

  • Ashly

    My mom went to the Sprint store to surprise me and buy me the phone I've been waiting for, for over 5 months. (I've been following since the Supersonic rumors started…) She had the actual phone in her hand, but since the system was down they needed my phone for some reason to activate the evo. Who knows if they'll have any phones today. There were only three left yesterday and those are long gone. Thanks Sprint for nothing?