Q&A: McDonalds Shrek Glass Recall and New Instructions

We have some more details for you now regarding Mcdonalds and the huge recall that is related to their Shrek glasses which are available in U.S restaurants. Mcdonalds has now added a Q&A page, with some frequently asked questions and other important information for you.

If you head over to their support page on their website, you’ll see that Mcdonalds has now added 12 questions which are all related to the Shrek glasses recall. Such questions include ‘Why is Mcdonald’s doing this recall’, and also further information regarding cadmium – the metal which is known to be a health hazard.

Furthermore, you should also be aware that Mcdonalds are asking all customers affected by the recall to visit the website again on Tuesday June 8th, as you’ll be able to learn information on how to return the glassware and request a refund.

What are your thoughts on this? Does the FAQ provide you with enough answers? You can read the full press statement from Mcdonalds here.


  • cri

    Mistakes happen every day, are you saying you never did anything that you regreted?

    • baffeled

      r u kidding me? Mcdonald's is a multi billion dollar corporation. This is not a silly mistake, it is a mistake that could cost someone their health if not their life! I really hope Mcdonald's pays for this mistake!

  • Melissa

    Unreal…seems like now a days people dont care about other peoples health but instead about how to make a quick buck by painting these glasses with toxic chemicals….

  • Ray Tills

    What about the Shrek glasses sold by McDonald a couple of years ago with similar designs and coloring? Are they included in the recall?

  • jason

    are the levels of cadmium really that bad

    • Dave

      From what I heard it is just a smidge above "safe" levels. Take that for what it's worth.

      Our family decided to keep ours. We don't have any little kids; McDonalds recalled them mostly as a precaution because of the real little kids.
      I like these cups. As one who has to hand wash dishes, these cups are easy to wash, and they are sturdy, so they don't break nearly as much as other glass ware. I'll just be careful to not eat hand foods like hamburgers while using them.

      • baffeled

        Seriously? Anything above "safe" is dangerous. Invest in some new glasses.


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