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New iPhone 2010 Model: What design changes would you make?

With the WWDC 2010 just days away, and with the numerous leaks of Apple’s new iPhone, speculation of what any new device will be like has been going crazy. The leaked prototype discovered by Gizmodo has brought with it some new features that could be on the device.

The changes that may be taking place with the new device could be on the prototype, but that does not guarantee they will find their way onto any released product. So far some of the changes thought to be happening are a front facing video camera, improved regular camera with a flash, and a larger battery.

As we reported earlier when Steve Jobs starts his Keynote speech on the 7th of June, he could completely blow away all the hype about the new iPhone so far. All the leaks that have come could be a clever bit of marketing by Apple.

We might be in store for some surprises as Steve Jobs has already said Apple fans “won’t be disappointed” with the new iPhone. I personally would like to see a much better camera with at least 5 mega pixels. What changes from the prototype leak would you like to see on the next iPhone?


  • appleguy

    New Carrier with Better Service :p

  • I'd dramatically improve the network connectivity. All of my iphones have suffered from weak signal and in my opinion, placement of the gsm/3g antenna at the base of the phone [where you hold thus covering it with your hand] is a poor idea.

    I'd also improve the email client to have some corporate functions built in and have a decent camera, 5mp at least.

  • Applemad

    A built in Rocket Launcher

  • tanman

    i wouldn't mind any changes from the way we're seeing it right now. i'm sure jobs has his ace in the hole on deck anyways. apple is very innovative and can catch us off-guard easily this year with the new iphone.


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