Lexus LFA For Sale

In a number of posts that we did on the upcoming Lexus LFA we had stated that the 500 units that Toyota planned to build were already sold by pre-order – this has turned out to be false. We do not know where the rumor came from about this latest supercar being sold out came from, but it was a little premature.

We are not certain why people will want to purchase an LFA, as it is a strange leasing term. The buyer will put their money down and then sign a non-transferable lease for two years – they then have the option to buy the supercar at the end of that term. Hope you understand that, as it is a strange one?

Toyota believe that this is the best way to stop investors purchasing one and then flip it – so it does not sound that stupid after all. This does make sense, as there would be a huge market for such an exotic car, as only 500 are being made.

Well we say that, we reported recently that Lexus and Toyota are to produce 50 Nurburgring Edition LFA supercars. Going back to the story of these vehicles being sold out, Damon Lavrinc from Autoblog has learned that Lexus has received 500 interests for the LFA, but we know this is different to confirming by putting their money where their mouth is.



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